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    My List of Suggested Animations

    None of your animation suggestions are a "Waste." Every animation that adds character to a unit has value. Unfortunately as Noontide has correctly pointed out. Time allowances do not cooperate with implementing many of those animations as suggested. Many of them were identified...
  2. Alendor

    Chunder design debate

    Chunder has already been analyzed internally at the completion of its concept, and there are no aspects of it that will cause animation issues.
  3. Alendor

    WFTO Wednesday #17

    animations are complete, just some hiccups on implementation to clean up the rooms actually have more detail in the ingame versions. once the beta is out you'll see. but the walls have alot more trinkets and details to them that the old pre-alpha didn't.
  4. Alendor

    War for the Overworld has been Greenlit!

    Being approved for sale on the biggest digital game market in the world is not bad news.
  5. Alendor

    WFTO Development Diary #2 - Still Alive

    Final hammer is larger than concept, been animating it past week or so. the impact area of the final hammer is about the size of the jugg's head
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