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    The Mountain that talks... (Possible Game of Thrones Spoilers)

    Sadly my friends still doubt me :( Hmm that is strange I see no mention of the Mountain on his IMDB page. What is more when I checked all those months ago the only thing I saw that mentioned Game of Thrones on there was his role in the original shoot of the pilot, which isn't there anymore...
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    The Mountain that talks... (Possible Game of Thrones Spoilers)

    Seriously?! O: I am the ridings voice recognition king! Really, though it isn't too radical a thing to do. Happens all the time in films and tv shows. The most well know example is probably Darth Vader where David Prowse was redubbed by the more menacing sounding James Earl Jones. Now, I have...
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    WFTO Google

    As someone who followed every concept art thread from ye olden WftO Team, I can confidently say that I have never seen that picture before. O_o From the looks of it, it was an unrelated picture that has had the logo placed on it, so as to serve as a placeholder cover on a number of...
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    Naming the lords of the empire

    In all honesty the ones that are, are all a bit of stretch. Pauk Laun (Pork Loin), Oidan ("Oi, Dan! No I meant him"), Anna Keel (Ankle), Ser Graits Werd (Great Sword).
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    Naming the lords of the empire

    Gasp in wonder and groan in despair, at my misspellings and terrible in jokes: Lord Academus Florent Lady Bethamia Larric Duke Rankin Hark Roiunent Prince Yannick the 3rd Dutchess Lizabeth Margaret Sananmort (or simply: "That other, other, other bloody dutchess") Vice Count Leopold Mezzic Her...
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    Looking back and laughing

    Oh boy has WftO come far, in the old days the project mostly existed on the strength of the art. Almost every month the whole thing would be on the verge or actually slowly descending into development hell. Everyone had quite different ideas about what WftO was going to be in the end. Was it...
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    Physical Retail Release & Other Exciting News!

    This is fantastic/terrifying news! (and a release near to my birthday too, oh Subterranean you shouldn't have :p) Just to be clear the DRM-Free version is covered under the "Digital Distribution"?
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    [NSFW] WFTO Fan art

    I made this after seeing the symbol on the priestess's book, I figure it would be neat to use as an avatar.
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    The Mountain that talks... (Possible Game of Thrones Spoilers)

    I'm not sure how many people here watch Game of Thrones, and I will not rule out the idea that I am being very over obsessive, but I've got to say that despite the actor changing for Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane three times he has always kept a consistent voice. I'll just get to the point, I...
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    Congratulations! Now that you have ascended to a greater level of power, I recommend that you...

    Congratulations! Now that you have ascended to a greater level of power, I recommend that you take it upon yourself as your first responsibly, well I suppose there is no way to put this delicately... go absolutely poison daggers for eyes, stark raving mad! That is just a suggestion of course, I...
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    Where did you video go?

    I know the one you mean, it was about modding and WftO's partnership with Nexusmods. I have this feeling that since modding isn't a big feature of WftO anymore it is quite possible it was deleted off of youtube.
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    The Origin Storyline of Dungeonkeeper

    From what I understood the addition of the Avatar was just meant by Bullfrog as a reference to one of their fellow EA owned studio. If it were something more than that EA would have surely slapped an Ultima reference somewhere in the title? Of course I have never played an Ultima game, so for...
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    Look What I Found!

    Man that reminds me of the Collectors Edition Goodies CD. I mean it is pretty much just a collection of "stuff the devs thought was funny at the time", but too me it feels like a treasure trove of DK history! I mean just think if they hadn't got Richard Ridings in to do the voice of the mentor...
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    Last battle on surface = War for the OVERworld (Castle Cellar)

    The title actually struck me as odd for a while, but I have to say over time I have grown to find this title actually to be quite appropriate. I mean most people know why the game is really called what it is, but without knowing a lot of the lore of the setting for the game, we can only guess at...
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    I take it you have already tried all of the ways to contact them on their site? Otherwise they will probably see this thread at some point, since all of the team members are pretty active on the forums.
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