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    Kickstarter Update: Shipping Now

    Woop, physical goodies received! :D Chunder T-Shirt, signed copy of the game, soundtrack of the game and a lanyard by the looks of it. Neat. Unlike the fustercluck that is known as Godus, you chaps pulled through with your promises in the end. Fantastic. Now to wait for the Heart of Gold update~
  2. Baracca

    Chunder statuette from Eucl3D

  3. Baracca

    Chunder statuette from Eucl3D

    No wonder my pens mysteriously keep disappearing!
  4. Baracca

    WFTO: Translations

    Oh yes. Overlord & Overlord: Raising Hell, Overlord 2, Overlord: Minions, Overlord: Dark Legend. Oh and Overlord: Fellowship of Evil which was a total disaster. So yes, bit of a fan of the series and am also writing a fanfiction of sorts regarding the events of Raising Hell as well. Might post a...
  5. Baracca

    WFTO: Translations

    Hehe, by all means. ;) As to the sort of fantasy, I suppose it could be described as dark high-fantasy. Main character is an anti-hero (Warlord in charge of an island nation) bent on world domination due to mostly personal reasons. So the trilogy of books I have in making will detail medieval...
  6. Baracca

    OpenKeeper! Dungeon Keeper 2 Opensource!

    Iiiinteresting. Here's hoping EA and/or GOG.com won't crack down on it. Because yes, even if it would be considered more of a mod than a remake, and even if it requires for you to actually own the game, EA especially is known to sometimes attack mods and their makers purely because it gives...
  7. Baracca

    Not so free "free" statuette

    Finnish customs fee (Detailed a bit more indepth I suppose here: https://forum.subterraneangames.com/threads/chunder-statuette-from-eucl3d.10069/) was also about 12€. Was glad to pay that price though. Apparently over here in Finland, even Kickstarter rewards sent from outside of EU and UK do...
  8. Baracca

    Chunder statuette from Eucl3D

    So! The statue finally arrived after having to deal with the Finnish customs office. Buggers decided to claim that the package had arrived from "Skydeck, USA" even though the package had "EUCL3D" listed as the sender, the business, and as other legal entity like 3 to 5 times. To all you who...
  9. Baracca

    WFTO: Translations

    Wellp, saw that you chaps are looking for translation help once more and the link in the latest news article regarding the shipping of physical Kickstarter goodies lead me here. Sooo. Now that I am almost done with my current line of education and have only my thesis to finish before...
  10. Baracca

    What are your Favorite Free Games?

    Lately I have been immersed in 2 free to play games. One you can get from Steam and one you can play in your browser of choice. Fallen London: A slightly Lovecraftian themed gothic choose-your-own-story-esque free to play browser game that only requires registering (which is totally free). They...
  11. Baracca

    Kickstarter Update: Physical Reward Fulfillment

    Fantastic! Going to keep an close eye on my mailbox. Not to mention that once the rewards do arrive, I will enjoy myself a nice third or so playthrough of WFTO once more. Splendid.
  12. Baracca

    WFTO Wednesday #117: The Final Countdown

    Congratulations to you all at Subterranean Games! These two and about half years have been an absolute blast. Rarely do you get to see such a masterpiece getting built from next to nothing into a spectacular final product. Magnificent, just simply stellar. I eagerly look forward to the release...
  13. Baracca

    Backer site support

    Spectacular to hear that!
  14. Baracca

    Backer site support

    Yes, poor poor Imp Statue :(
  15. Baracca

    What would Peter Molyneux do?

    Quite so. We put our money into that game based on some concept art and words. Nothing more. We do have the right to feel disappointed, but we do not have the right to complain that it did not turn out to be Populous 2 / Black & White 3. Because Molyneux never said, never promised that it would...
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