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    Holy crap! Melkor was the original Dungeon Keeper!

    I'd play the hell out of this.
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    i like succubus, she is sexy :3

    Pity that's not how it ended up.
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    I see... still, it makes mention of Lucius being defeated, which if the outro cinemetic is anything to go by, he'd have returned to rule as a tyrant. Is this 'Overseer' bit going to be the final expansion? I hope so, I want to know how Oberon's story ends.
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    I'm new to this forum, and I really only signed up to ask this question... What's with the original campaign's ending? Did I miss something? Is there more to it that I missed? Why does Heart of Gold seem to ignore that ending? Does it really end with Mendechaus's betrayal? Or is there more...
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    Introduction thread

    I'm Blue. Nothing very interesting about me. I like Pokemon and Warhammer.
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