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  1. Evi

    State of the Game (10-08-2015)

    Seeing the amount of bug fixes is pretty staggering, but good to know WftO is still being refined.
  2. Evi

    Regarding The Sanctuary...

    Good to see this topic rise up again, can't wait to see more posts from people who call others unfriendly terms for not liking a pretty boring symbol in game. The steam thread isn't fairing well on that font at the moment either. I still think it should be changed to something original and not...
  3. Evi

    What is the advantage of building separated rooms?

    I didn't, and I still only had 3/5 worker spots.
  4. Evi

    What is the advantage of building separated rooms?

    After seeing that, I fired up my own DK2 and tried it out. I made 6 block line rooms and got at most, 3 wall props. I made a 9 block line room and got 5 wall props. I then made a 3x3 Library and got 5 props, with storage. The 9 line and 3x3 room costed the same as well. I don't see the...
  5. Evi

    I hate everyone. I hate you, you, you over there, you in particular and most importantly, YOU...

    I hate everyone. I hate you, you, you over there, you in particular and most importantly, YOU! Fuckin' hell.
  6. Evi

    *Sighs* The community is driving me away.

    *Sighs* The community is driving me away.
  7. Evi

    A suggestion from A LOT of players!!! -(WITH POLL)-

    Too much brown, not enough rainbows. With that in mind, some other colors aside brown, black and red would be nice. Just no going overboard like what Dungeons did with its neon lightings.
  8. Evi

    WFTO Wednesday #109: Rated D for Delayed

    *Looks up* Oh, it was delayed again? Okay sure. *Goes back to playing Pokemon and Dark Souls*
  9. Evi

    A memoir of a Great Game!

    *Looks at Imp from DK1 and DK2, looks at Imp in DKM* I can still easily recognize the Imp from the two games, but not in the 'other' game. Anyways, I remember them all still... And DK1's Dark Mistress is my favorite design of the DK Mistress line. :3
  10. Evi

    [Spell/ritual] Boaring Ritual

    That just made the Mentor voice inside of my head just speak. "Underlord, bed bugs have taken over your Lair!"
  11. Evi

    Indie of the year 2014

    It's like comparing an apple to a half-finished apple frame.
  12. Evi

    WFTO Wednesday #97: Gameplay Updates

    Right, gotta ask. Some time ago during the earlier bursts of life of WftO, there was some talks about some bonus for the 'Super Hipsters' that followed the game during its KeeperKlan days. Is that still a thing?
  13. Evi

    Regarding The Sanctuary...

    All I'll say is that I'm a bit iffy about it. Could've just made your own symbol for darkness with some 'motivation' from other religious symbols.
  14. Evi

    Hatred Game - Thoughts?

    Personally, I like the other version of the trailer. It really pumps me up for the game's release! Teehee
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