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    The grand Noonstream poll! (free likes for voters)

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    Could you live without the Internet?

    Dude, don't even begin to bring forward the concept of the possibility of there not being a network of computers around the world. If it didn't exist... I'd make one!
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    WFTO Wednesday #59: Helps to Have a Map

    "OI! What do you think you are doing?"
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    WFTO Wednesday #58: The Crackpot & The Cook

    Just the concept... LOL!
  5. Jobs2k

    Light on walls and tiles

    I am unsure how much of this debate is triggered by them actually catching people's eye and how much is caused by people not liking the difference from other DMGs. When I first opened the game and saw them I didn't consciously think anything specific but I do feel I had a 'background process'...
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    I think those potions contained steroids.

    I believe 'GTFO' is the official term used when dealing with this species! :)
  7. Jobs2k

    I think those potions contained steroids.

    No! Just no! It's meant to be Micro-piglets! This is brain breaking. I do NOT accept this!
  8. Jobs2k

    Not Dungeon Keeper but Dungeon Keeper...?

    Certain organisations of the world apparently. Do you think we've derailed this thread enough yet..?
  9. Jobs2k

    Not Dungeon Keeper but Dungeon Keeper...?

    Everything? ... Everywhere? What is known of an anteater's front left third claw? :D In serious though, this is the level of dedication we appreciate so much from the WFTO Team. I guess some people can still work well with only sleeping one night a week...
  10. Jobs2k

    Not Dungeon Keeper but Dungeon Keeper...?

    On the contrary, the Dev Team are regulars to the forum and it's entirely possible one of them will see your concerns and respond to them. There is also a good team of Moderators that help with passing information to people in need of it. Don't think it's not worth giving your opinion. That...
  11. Jobs2k

    Not Dungeon Keeper but Dungeon Keeper...?

    There have been quite a few people, myself included, that have had the odd worry about where certain parts of WFTO are going over the time its been in development. So far everything that has been revealed fully has stood up to scrutiny and made sense (at least in my mind). The things that...
  12. Jobs2k

    Probably a Stupid Question but...

    It's okay, you obviously see WFTO as it is, not as DK3. I'm honestly not looking to stir up ill will. Merely voicing a general and personal view.
  13. Jobs2k

    Multiplayer Ideas, that i would love to see ;)

    I don't think this is planned or intended to be. As far as I am aware, there isn't going to be any real tracking of 'Underlord stats' so any sort of league would be even more complex and involved.As leagues are unlikely to be implemented, it's going to be even more difficult for this to work in...
  14. Jobs2k

    First Impresions

    Am I the only one finding it harder and harder to hold my tongue when people say things like 'why are these creatures not the same as the ones in DK?' or 'I thought this was all about DK, why is it only similar in a way I don't like?' I truly welcome all new, and potential, members to the game...
  15. Jobs2k

    WFTO Wednesday #58: The Crackpot & The Cook

    Two words: IN TIME! On. The. God. Damn. Plane!
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