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  1. LiamM

    Brain teaser

    Exactly ^ I just wouldn't buy it haha... but nah I don't know.
  2. LiamM

    Introduction thread

    Hey guys, I'm Liam. I live in Scotland. I'm currently learning C++ but at this time I am working on a script that revolves around C++. I was just recently recruited onto the WTFO Moderation & Testing team, I look forward to meeting a lot of you guys in the future!
  3. LiamM

    [Maps/Levels] Unstable Realms

    Why make it so the Imps can repair these cracks using magic? Therefore it only costs a small amount of mana and not gold... It is a good idea in the aspect of keeping the keeper under constant pressure... Why not make 'hotspots' which keepers can build upon for a cheaper price but have a high...
  4. LiamM

    Grand Theft Auto: V

    I agree, I Feel GTA V will be very similar to GTA IV as they look like they've used the same engine with very little updates, as things to come... As far as I can see they are only bringing back old San Andreas features, such as stats. E.g. Body Fat. Muscle, Weapon Skill. I think Rockstar are...
  5. LiamM

    Grand Theft Auto: V

    Grand Theft Auto: V With the announcement of the next Grand Theft Auto coming out, then a week later the trailer which give very little detail on the character you will play as and the story behind it. How do you think this next edition of Grand Theft Auto will go and do you think it will...
  6. LiamM

    Loving the progress

    Hey guys, i'm loving the progress everyone in the team is managing to reach in this project, I can't wait to see at a later date the outcome of it all. I'm sure you will all succeed. Keep up the good work guys! Liam
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