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  1. Stylistic_sagittarius

    Augrum wall and fortified wall

    i think it would be more logical and practical to just have it so that a corridor with 2 enemy creatures next together cannot be passed by enemy minions. This would also give walls a good defence use and have a good way to be better at open layout dungeons without havving to give effectivness...
  2. Stylistic_sagittarius

    Augrum wall and fortified wall

    blocking units with your own units would indeed be a great option but i thing engine related something with a lot of work... Melee units would also lose ALOT of combat efficeincy compared to range units...
  3. Stylistic_sagittarius

    Augrum wall and fortified wall

    Jups the core should have some more purpose then just standing there. To get the next problem fixed as well, augrum walls should not be able to deploy as they still give the fast walled in dungeon core even when it was'nt walled in the first place. Also i think that doors perhaps could have a...
  4. Stylistic_sagittarius

    Increased Room Capacity

    oh i do miss prop placement in this game... Just feels like when building your dungeon there is not much to do...
  5. Stylistic_sagittarius

    Augrum wall and fortified wall

    Outposts are very good, there are just no maps at the moment where they are good in ;). What also could be an option is to change the way gateways work. You could make it so that new units no longer spawn at gateways but they spawn at your dungeon core. This way people who wall there core in...
  6. Stylistic_sagittarius

    minions don't show they are happy by acting happy

    I think that there should indeed be more visual and gameplay effects in how happy minions are. Now before you get me wrong, don't make creatures a bunch of nagging crap who complains about every thing they have to walk far for. BUT perhaps they can make it so that there is a larger diffrence in...
  7. Stylistic_sagittarius

    Magic Regen

    Why does magica take 0.5sec before regenerating itself? Is it not easier to maybe regenrating it slower but always have it regenerating even when you are casting spells? p.s. considering this when slapping creatures it should cost a small amount of mana but it could be a bit more effective to.
  8. Stylistic_sagittarius


    Sounds great for a more sim game and this is more a combat focused game. Don't get me wrong i like your idea. personally it would be nice to have alot of gore and body parts be part as trash too. But our workers already have such a hard life and it's definitly not going to improve running speed...
  9. Stylistic_sagittarius

    What would you like to see in the next patch ?

    I would like to see some efforts in trying to get people in a multiplayer game. (achievements with multiplayer enemies defeated or a list of games directly in the main menu for example) A better minimap would do nice The ability to set the creature heatlh bars to transparant and/or smaller...
  10. Stylistic_sagittarius

    slap prisoners

    I miss more passive torturing or any other use for prisoners here... Perhaps them eating the rats would be a start or own creatures gloating at them to improve satisfaction would do nice. Best thing would be able to do them some slave labour to get some gold or defense parts, or perhaps act like...
  11. Stylistic_sagittarius

    Button recall to small

    true true asked a lot and no one gave it... Tip: when you use the recall spell you can cats it directly on the (large)place flag button, recalling ALL affected creatures at once and deleting the flag, another hint is simply place a new one in clear space and delete it afterworths with a right...
  12. Stylistic_sagittarius

    Shrine: Shrine of Soulbinding

    Love the idea of activation shrines but somewhat less the example you gave...
  13. Stylistic_sagittarius

    The Minion's Entertainment

    I understand why you want them but all the things you suggest are the tavern. minions spend money there and become happy. Altough i must say they could spend a little more time there. the arena just the same apart from that they don't spend money there. A betting scene where creatures would...
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