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    WFTO Wednesday #118: Hot off the Presses

    strange. Total Biscuit hasn´t done a review video yet. Thought he would do one
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    WFTO Wednesday #115: No Rest for the Wicked

    This might be a problem for the future: - Windows 10 is different then Windows 8. - For example you can´t use direct X 12 fully with windows 7. - There isn´t planned another windows version after Windows 10 in the next years because Microsoft plans to include future Features with update -...
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    DLC Suggestions

    I dont understand the point of talking about DLC when the game isn´t even close to release
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    League of legends

    Fiddlesticks mostly. So fun to ambush the enemy, like the true evil guys do! :oops:
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    How I found my way to WFTO

    I agree
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    Security Warning

    Hello, i tried to visit this site the past days but firefox asking me always if i trust this site. This wasn´t the case before. I receive this warning: http://pic.dhe.ibm.com/infocenter/rdmhelp/v3/topic/com.ibm.rcam.install.doc/images/security_warning_firefox.gif Maybe it´s interesting for...
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    WFTO Wednesday #52: Super Units

    Great strong units
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    Elite creatures

    I really like elite creatues but i think the developers are against it.
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    Fireworks thread

    I enjoy other people do fireworks. Thank you for that man!
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    campaign question

    This first two levels are not a real campaign. It is more a tutorial to show people how to play this game. Furthermore the developers already announced that the real campaign will be more difficult.
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    WFTO Wednesday #49: The Shadow

    Iam excited for todays announcements :)
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    WFTO Wednesday #49: The Shadow

    Great patch is coming. Time to buy this game eventually :)
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    WFTO Wednesday #45: The Torture Chamber

    torture chamber ftw :oops:
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    Rebellion currently producing Evil Genius sequel - for Facebook and Zynga

    I dont see any problem. When you dont like a game just dont buy or play (free 2 play) it.
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    dungeon keeper gold

    They have only 10.000 employees and are one of the biggest publishers :eek:
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