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    Did not deliver what was promised

    What's a DRM? Sincerely Valhallaist
  2. Valhallaist

    Minion guide for new players

    Oh finally! I've been waiting for a comprehensive list for ages. I'm really happy to see so many units again, unlike DKII. What's interesting is that there are not one, not two, not three, but SIX units whose primary role seems to be to summon, strengthen, shield, or heal other units. I feel...
  3. Valhallaist

    Summoning the Vampire.

    I wanna see :(
  4. Valhallaist

    My List of Suggested Animations

    I am concerned about the game's replayabilty value. A lack of enough distinct creature personality may lessen that factor. Unless the devs continue to target multiplayer gamers, who probably won't need any of this stuff to keep returning.
  5. Valhallaist

    My List of Suggested Animations

    Now to wait for the developers to say how this would require too much work to include...
  6. Valhallaist

    "Turn off shield" option

    Oh, excellent! :D
  7. Valhallaist

    "Turn off shield" option

    I mentioned it before, but I'll say it again. I've seen a lot of gameplays on youtube in HD. Whenever a battle breaks out I can't see shit except a whole bunch of shields scurrying about. I wanna SEE the creatures! Can't there be an option to turn them on and off at will so we can see the action...
  8. Valhallaist

    A suggestion from A LOT of players!!! -(WITH POLL)-

    The overall browniness is not appealing, but I've always thought DKII was too bright and colourful.
  9. Valhallaist

    Sketch-a-Game (Image Heavy)

  10. Valhallaist

    Minion rivalries

    I agree. Even in DK1 we had the converted Samurai hating the mistresses because they used torture, which is dishonourable. Yet...isn't it also dishonourable to work for an evil boss? But see, this is why we need creature personalities. I just talk about the samurai as if they were actual...
  11. Valhallaist

    Minion rivalries

    Unfortunately, the developers are giving preference to id driven gamers who are mostly interested in reaching the level end screen. This means that certain depth-giving features such as giving minions their own independent personality are being left out for the benefit of gamers who just want...
  12. Valhallaist

    What is the overlord?

    A truly vile and evil being. Vast and gluttonous. His terrible hide is spotted with crimson lumps, his near-blind eyes are magnified by glass. He sits in his own underground Lair below the dark female entity that birthed him. Before him lies a square monolith with which he sees all in his...
  13. Valhallaist

    Holy crap! Melkor was the original Dungeon Keeper!

    Heck yeah! And let's not forget wargs.
  14. Valhallaist

    Holy crap! Melkor was the original Dungeon Keeper!

    Is that from the MMO?
  15. Valhallaist

    Holy crap! Melkor was the original Dungeon Keeper!

    I was reading Silmarillion and I came across this: Someone make a mod out of that PLEASE! Just imagine being Melkor and having an army of Balrogs. BALROGS! I'd buy the shit out of that!
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