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    [Poll] Dungeon Heart / Nexus Name

    In my opinion the name of the heart/nexus should very much reflect it's function. If it is supposed to function like the oculus of the Underlord's magic, then nexus is an apt name for it. If it is supposed to be the "private chambers" of the Underlord then Sanctum is an apt name for it. I think...
  2. War-overlord

    Necromancer design discussion

    Let me, again, start to state that I like the design. I for one like the jaw on the armour. However I got the same vibe many have gotten here. The vibe of a Voodoo-bokor / Witchdoctor, which I blame on the great amounts of skin on show, the pouch and the fetishes dangling from his skirt. Though...
  3. War-overlord

    Chunder design debate

    I like the Chunder. Yet still I voted that it could use a little tweaking, which I believe. However I cannot quite put my finger on exactly what's off with it other than that is seems disproportional. Knowing it's roughly dwarf sized helps, but it doesn't take it away.
  4. War-overlord

    [Lore] Suggest a Dark God

    Name: Zolkoth the Conniving Theme: Plotting, Conspiracy and Betrayal (Paranoia) Gender: Unknown Description: Appears as a cloaked and hooded humanoid. The Gods appearance under his/her Godly cloak is unknown other than the burning red eyes the glow bright beneath the hood. Zolkoth pushes his/her...
  5. War-overlord

    [Poll] Which Vein of Evil do you see yourself associating most with?

    I'd say Greed. But only because Gluttony isn't an option.
  6. War-overlord

    [Poll] Thoughts on the Democorn

    No, the Democorn made me sorta loose my confidence in the team, untill a second later I realised it was an aprill fool's joke. The Democorn rubs me the wrong way.
  7. War-overlord

    Might & Magic Heros VI / and War Z

    Yes, they have one nowadays. In the Heroes 3 style. If you plan on getting one, I suggest you wait a month or so and get the complete edition, which includes the basic game plus all DLC and the expansion. Heroes 6 is a great game, though many dislike the changes in gameplay it brought. I for...
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    Backers choice??

  9. War-overlord

    Organised "Hatchery" Thread

    That has been suggested several times already, among others by yours truly. However this is to "set the standard".
  10. War-overlord

    Serious or Silly?

    Personally I find that Evil Genius struck exactly the right Chord. Which if I were to have to describe it was 3 parts seriousness, 2 parts parodying spy-flicks and 1 part utter sillyness.(Torturing people with bad Micheal Jackson impressions, being tickled to death by a supercomputer, that kind...
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    Hear, Hear.
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    (poll) a poll for the remaining Flex goals.

    Voted for extended campaign. Would have voted Empire Campaign as well, if I had noticed that was possible before I cast my vote. Reason behind it: I don't multiplayer. (except for party & racing games(pleas do Not try to add that)) So, I do not give a flying hoot for all manner of modes that...
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    If you could make an Underlord

    I on the other hand have played plenty of that, so I could certainly help with this. Theme Name: The Evil Genius Underlord Name: Maximilian Alexis Shen-Yu (all three combined make for an odd but viable name I'd say) Description: A theme based on Evil Genius Emblem: A white globe with a grid...
  14. War-overlord

    What did you think the Mentor really was?

    You do of course realise that this is a sequel-in-spirit? Not an actual sequel.
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