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  1. Noontide

    Community Spotlight - June 2019

    Click here to read the full update Click here to view the community spotlight in the resource section
  2. Noontide

    Compilation Community Spotlight - June 2019

    Noontide submitted a new resource: Community Spotlight - June 2019 - Maps created by the community, handpicked by the development team for June 2019 Read more about this resource...
  3. Noontide

    Developer's Choice Community Spotlight - June 2019 v1

    We've brought together a collection of our favourite maps from across the workshop as part of our June 2019 Spotlight! 7 Levels are included in this pack. The conquest of Aurelis campaign can be downloaded separately. For instructions on how to load these packs into your game see our Knowledge...
  4. Noontide

    War for the Overworld joins the Wicked Ones Tabletop RPG

    Click here to read the full post Click here to visit the Wicked Ones Kickstarter
  5. Noontide

    4 Player 102x102 Balanced Map

    Really cool. Be sure to upload it to the resources section :)
  6. Noontide

    Developer Response 2 arguments...

    Good to know. We'll try to bear it in mind in the future, I'm familiar with the brand and actually use a CM Sentinel Advance mouse at work.
  7. Noontide

    Developer Response 2 arguments...

    I understand your issue when it comes to how the input conflicts with your chosen keyboard. I suspect that unless you set this key yourself the keyboard manufacturer had the same thought we did with regards to choosing a key that is out of the way and very unlikely to be pressed by accident. It...
  8. Noontide

    Developer Response Some Post 2.0 Suggestions

    So I did read this quite a while ago but it came in over the Christmas break and it fell out of my attention scope. I did want to reply though so although I'm several months late I thought I might do so now as I go through this forum. Firstly as you know WFTO is in maintenance and a lot of new...
  9. Noontide

    Developer Response An easier way to play multiplayer

    Sadly there's no way this would happen. The problems faced by users are a result of a number of factors: Old Middleware Approach - Doesn't support many modern ways of avoiding port-forwarding (See Steam Relay servers) No facilities to provide own servers, WFTO's multiplayer scene can't justify...
  10. Noontide

    Developer Response New Hotkey For 45 Degree Camera Viewing

    Unfortunately there wasn't really much scope for providing this in our previous maintenance patch. It''s pretty unlikely but I can see why someone might want this and I'll bring it up when we're next visiting WFTO. But I'll stress, at this stage it's very, very unlikely for much the same...
  11. Noontide

    Developer Response Custom campaign (May be map editor) need Multi-Language Support

    Hmmm I meant to reply to this but it seems I didn't get around to it. So apologies for the delay in response. It's certainly something that we considered but the way the game handles translation is completely separate from user-generated content. Ultimately a whole new system would have been...
  12. Noontide

    Developer Response 2 arguments...

    Currently, there are no plans to change the Console key as part of the maintenance updates. We may approach this differently as we wrap up long-term maintenance as we have discussed in the past allowing general usage by all users. But for now, we're happy to keep it out of the way and on a...
  13. Noontide

    6 years later...

    Thank you for the support and we're pleased to hear that you enjoy the end result! We've put a lot of effort into making the game as good as it can be and we've learned a great deal over the years. I'm sorry to hear that you ultimately did not receive your shirt. Unfortunately, we no longer...
  14. Noontide

    So any chance we will get a Tesla version of WFTO?

    Man dies in horrific accident whilst playing best dungeon management game in universe at 150MPH. More at 11. Serious response? No, for much the same reason the game isn't getting a console release at any point in the foreseeable future, whatever kit is in the Tesla will need a fair amount of...
  15. Noontide

    Japanese Release, Oni Ashigaru Worker & Patch 2.0.7

    Click here to read the Full Announcement Click here to read the Release Notes
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