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  1. Jobs2k

    [Multiplayer Mechanic] Optional Alliances.

    I've played a good few RTS games in a multiplayer setting over the years, but the one I keep coming back to is Red Alert 2. The main reason is how enjoyable the game is to play, but it also included something I haven't seen in other games: Optional alliances! Every other RTS I have played that...
  2. Jobs2k

    Multiplayer Testing: Who's in?

    Now that we have the ability to test the mulitiplayer element soon to be introduced to the game, who is ready to play? I'm available to host or join matches but am unsure at this point if anyone else is even around as I can't see any games in the list. Basically: If anyone is playing, where are...
  3. Jobs2k

    Recording, NDAs and C&Ds

    I hope that search is working properly because I can't see a thread where people have requested permission to record actual game footage. While some companies see recording gameplay for sites like YouTube as advertising or just can't (or don't want to) go through the lengthy process of issuing...
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