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  1. Blizzard

    What i find lacking in this game

    So after hearing that this game had been substantially patched and improved, I decided to test the game out with my brother after playing it for a good 2 hours these are the elements I find lacking: -The combat is hard to track and could benefit from a combat tab (like in a DK) -Possesion...
  2. Blizzard

    New the menu/ UI is unresponsive

    I am finding it really hard to play this new version of WFTO because whenever I click on one of the tabs in the UI it will not responded for example : the creatures tab it will either simply just not appear or will open up 2 minutes later , same thing for the rooms and spells . Is anyone...
  3. Blizzard

    Doctor who which (modern) series was the best

    After watching the 50 th anniversary I had a sudden urge to watch some doctor who episodes and It has occured to me that the series with Matt smith is pathetic in my oppinion compared to that of Eccleston or Tennant not that I think that Matt Smith is a bad Doctor or a terrible actori ts just...
  4. Blizzard

    The Law of the Empire

    While I was playing through our beloved war for the otherworld I came across this while investigating the heroes fortress it seems to be written in Latin so I was just curious has anyone else come across this and if so do you have any idea what it means in english
  5. Blizzard

    so who has played GTA V ?

    Just wondering if anyone here has played the latest GTA game from what I heard you play as some evil people and apparently the game has its fair share of torture . But to be honest that really wouldn't bother me since I love the idea of playing as a evil person who cares not for humans morals...
  6. Blizzard

    chat box not working ?

    Everytime I try to connect with my window 7 pc to the chat all I get is a white screen does anyone kow how to resolve this problem or do I need to update something ? 0.0
  7. Blizzard

    teleportation trap

    Highlight: creates a portal link in between two portals that once step on will teleport the creature to the "receiving" end Vein : Sloth / Greed How does it Work: When a unit steps onto the "receptor" tile he is immediately teleport to the the "receiver " tile. The trap can only be used...
  8. Blizzard

    What are the best game you bought this year

    the title says it all what are those game you bought this year which were awesome mine were 1 Vampire the masquerade bloodline 2 Xcom ennemy unknown 3 Deus Ex human revolution
  9. Blizzard

    Microsoft has done an Xbox one 80

    For those of you who don't follow xbox updates (actually who does I know I don't ) Microsoft has decided to allow people to play used games and have completely taken off DRM and the need to connect every 24 hours so what are your thoughts on this ?
  10. Blizzard

    What gaming system are you going for ?

    The title really says it all what gaming system are you going to buy DISCUSS!
  11. Blizzard

    Bloodline Antitribu

    Since there are a few vampire the masquerade fans I thought I would share with you a very promising mod that is still in development In which you will be able to play tzimisce , lasombras , giovani and other clans that are not available in the core games there is also a joinable Sabbat...
  12. Blizzard

    Dosbox on ubuntu

    the title says it all I am trying to use Dosbox but I am having problem mounting driver C if someone could give me a step to step guide I would really appreciate it :D Edit this is for Dungeon keeper I got driver C to work but I can seem to mount the disk :( i
  13. Blizzard

    World of darkness MMo

    So a new MMO was announced a year ago which was based on the rpg from white wolf set in the vampire the masquerade universe . my thougths on this game are mixed on one hand they promise its more a roleplaying mmo with politics and backstabbing and has its fair share of innovation but what mmo...
  14. Blizzard

    Need help on dungeon keeper

    7So I want to play dungeon keeper on my windows 7 but obviously I can only use dosbox so after following this guide I managed to finally get the game to install correctly but after selecting the first mission it freezes when starting the mission so what did I do wrong ps this is the guide I...
  15. Blizzard

    Sacrifice sequel why not ?

    Ill let this image express my oppinion As I may have hinted in the past I am a big fan of sacrifice and it frustrate me how there has never been a sequel or game similiar to its playstile 3rdpersonrealtimestrategywithroleplayinggameelements
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