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  1. Baracca

    Chunder statuette from Eucl3D

    So! The statue finally arrived after having to deal with the Finnish customs office. Buggers decided to claim that the package had arrived from "Skydeck, USA" even though the package had "EUCL3D" listed as the sender, the business, and as other legal entity like 3 to 5 times. To all you who...
  2. Baracca

    Chickam 2014 - Your daily go-to place for Easter Chickens

    The time is upon us again. What started back in 2008 continues again, for the 6th Spring in row. What am I talking about you wonder? Why, I am talking about the magnificent Chickam2008 U-stream channel. What is it about? Simple! You can watch how chickens hatch from their eggs and how they...
  3. Baracca

    Cake Day as they call it in the dungeons of the Interdimensional-Webs

    How lovely. The day I decide to become active on these forums again instead of just lurking around and posting this and that now and then, I also get the Aging Well VII trophy. In other words, I have been here on these forums for an entire year now. Huh. And if I recall correctly, I did not...
  4. Baracca

    Yogscast Hannah takes a look at WFTO.

    Yogscast has like a ridiculous amount of subscribers. So. Yes.
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