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  1. ryanDC

    My Pet Dungeon Snowhope help

    Not to rub it in, but I've finished the My Pet Dungeons. The last level is an absolute beauty.
  2. ryanDC

    Creature stats?

    I seem to remember reading about a dungeoneers guide or something...I would have thought that if and when that gets published should have it in.
  3. ryanDC

    Heart of Gold & Patch 1.4 Now Available

    Question..... If I choose to play the original campaign. Do the features of HoG still take effect. Eg units talking more to each other? I realise daft question but just don't want to miss on all the cool stuff if I decide to reset my original campaign progress and start again.
  4. ryanDC

    Heart of Gold Release Date & Preview: Gild

    I'm gonna try on my laptop tonight taking my mate to a karaoke session as he's the dj. Looking forward to sampling 1.4
  5. ryanDC

    Heart of Gold Release Date & Preview: Gild

    There is a "continue to full site" link in top left corner of the buy page
  6. ryanDC

    Heart of Gold Release Date & Preview: Gild

    When i get a decent computer we will have to have a Yorkshire tournament.....my laptop can just run it
  7. ryanDC

    Heart of Gold Release Date & Preview: Gild

    Been coming everyday to check on HOG release and so excited to see that it's coming hopefully some point today. Will a full change log be released when the update is rolled out as I find reading them just makes me want to play WFTO more. Greetings from Sheffield.
  8. ryanDC

    Heart of Gold: balance and suggestions

    I agree with the auto door locking feature. Very DK. Yes it means that jobs past the locked door won't get done but surely having minions focus on destroying the threat takes precedence? If a job requires the door being opened then we can always manually open the door. Also with the creature...
  9. ryanDC

    Please remove the inactive state, the golden vortex!

    Just a thought. Could the vortex be set so that once all gold storage locations are full the vortex automatically deactivates...
  10. ryanDC

    Lower the imps' AI tendency to fortify, please?

    Hello all. While reading the posts I can't help but think back to the DK days. Ahh bit of nostalgia.... Anyway, is there currently in place for the imp AI where if an imp (worker) has decided to go rescue a minion of mine on the battlefield somewhere, then another imp won't decide to go rescue...
  11. ryanDC

    No "attach file" button on new bug tracker

    Correct....the attach link, photo, video thumbnails are all there but no attach file. And also like I said, when I click login using Facebook, it doesn't show as though I'm logged in, even though I am logged in on the subterranean games site.
  12. ryanDC

    No "attach file" button on new bug tracker

    trying to create a bug report on the new forum for bug posting however when I ask to sign in via facebook it doesn't say I'm logged in just says the (signup/log in) button. I think this is reason why there is also no "attach file" button when I attempt to create a new bug report. Any help?
  13. ryanDC

    Populous The Beginning

    Definitely populous 4 a must infact the entire bullfrog franchise of games Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. ryanDC

    "Slap" Improvement

    I have to second this as yes remember back in DK, a slap was a motivational action, and also in DK2 a point scorer. I just want to initiate a slap and not have to worry that the creature is going to hang around a few seconds or slide. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. ryanDC

    Can't Reproduce Missing gold vortex VFX

    I noticed this on level 10, I placed 4 gold vortexs on each of the gold shrines on your side of the map to save imps running to treasury, the vfx only plays on a few of them(2 at most)
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