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  1. ryanDC

    No "attach file" button on new bug tracker

    trying to create a bug report on the new forum for bug posting however when I ask to sign in via facebook it doesn't say I'm logged in just says the (signup/log in) button. I think this is reason why there is also no "attach file" button when I attempt to create a new bug report. Any help?
  2. ryanDC

    Need more information Level 10 Trapped minions, Imp in weird location

    I have posted these reports before but this time i have output log :) On level 10 (where you have to destry the kenos with Mira) I built up my dungeon with absoloutly no access to the chasm so i could train my creatures up to level 10 (fingers crossed) Anyway noticed once had been playing for...
  3. ryanDC

    New Creatures act gormless on level 10 upon loading

    just found this one as its first time I've loaded a saved game. On level 10, I had a rally flag placed near the first obelisk closest to your dungeon. Most of my creatures were rallied around this at point of save. Upon reloading I dispelled the rally flag with a slap and noticed creatures just...
  4. ryanDC

    Need more information Level 10 maximum warp speed imps

    noticed on level 10 once ally begins or has finished destroying the first of the pillars my imps just seem to run around in an erratic manner disregarding all digging and tile claiming, construct placement....anything they just run around and think "sod off" to jobs you try and get them to do...
  5. ryanDC

    New Level 10 allied imps in my dungeon?

    very strange but funny big really...noticed this in the public test beta of 1.2...anyway. When digging and sculpting my dungeon on level 10 (after the awkward dwarve pass level) I was merrily digging and placing rooms when one day while letting my treasure room get placed, almost immeadiatly...
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