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  1. Valhallaist

    "Turn off shield" option

    I mentioned it before, but I'll say it again. I've seen a lot of gameplays on youtube in HD. Whenever a battle breaks out I can't see shit except a whole bunch of shields scurrying about. I wanna SEE the creatures! Can't there be an option to turn them on and off at will so we can see the action...
  2. Valhallaist

    Holy crap! Melkor was the original Dungeon Keeper!

    I was reading Silmarillion and I came across this: Someone make a mod out of that PLEASE! Just imagine being Melkor and having an army of Balrogs. BALROGS! I'd buy the shit out of that!
  3. Valhallaist

    My First Dungeon Keeper Fanfic (in progress)

    Well, really this is my first ever fanfic. Actually, it's my first ever fic. I have been meaning to do some DK ones since I was 15, but I've finally started as a 29 year old. Oh well. Read and, if you want, enjoy: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10754830/1/A-Gaggle-of-Goblins
  4. Valhallaist

    The kind of crap I'd hate

    Remember in Dungeon Keeper, when you'd be on a level that's full of high level enemies all around and then discover that you don't have a training room to train your minions, or a library to research any spells? That kind of levels just fucked with you for the lulz. Don't get me wrong, I like a...
  5. Valhallaist

    HELP! Dungeon Keeper FX has gone mental!

    I'm currently in the "korros tor" level of Deeper Dungeons. The computer automatically keeps setting traps, digging walls and attacking the AI Keepers by itself. I've no clue what's going on, but I think it started around the time I built an enormous workshop and got most of the L10 creatures to...
  6. Valhallaist

    Post interesting screencaps of your WTFO gameplay

    I won't be able to play this yet since my crappy laptop doesn't support it. Help poor sods like me keep our appetites whetted :( Cap them zoomed enough so we can see the stuff going on. Please? Here's my imaginary screencap to start off:
  7. Valhallaist

    Room suggestion: Bank

    The Bank Premise: Ever wonder where the creatures keep their gold? Keeping it in the Sanctuary is like putting a "rob me" sign on your back. Carrying it with you can means that you might lose it during action. So, why not deposit it in the Underlord's private bank, ready to be withdrawn...
  8. Valhallaist

    Will there be a story behind each unit?

    By which I mean their background: how they exist, where they come from, what they aspire for, who they worship etc. In DK they kept the description for each creature rather short. This was good in a way since you could make your own story up for them. But then again, why not add something to the...
  9. Valhallaist

    Are we staying in PG-13 land?

    I remember someone complaining that despite the whole "evil is good" thing, the theme of the Dungeon Keeper was comparatively tame. Like how it introduced something as racy as BDSM but didn't do much with it. In a sense this is good. In a sense this is good. The fact that the player is evil...
  10. Valhallaist

    Introduce hazards of mining?

    Dungeon Keeper already had some hazardous areas on the map. Only it was basically limited to lava. How about introducing some basic dangers of an underground environment in WFTO? The rooms cave in if dug too wide (introduce pillar tiles to sort this out). Dangerous gases trapped in small areas...
  11. Valhallaist

    The enemy Underlords' voices

    A small comment on this, really. In DK1 the AI Keepers kept threatening you with squeaky, high-pitched voices. I thought this was pretty stupid, but later I learned to appreciate it for sheer hilarity. I saw a WTFO playthrough on youtube where the player was up against an AI Underlord. This...
  12. Valhallaist

    Trap deactivators?

    Anyone think that the primary tinkerers (such as the augre) should have the ability to deactivate enemy traps? To avoid this from making the game easy, only level 10 creatures could be given this ability, and until they deactivate the trap, they'll keep losing health due to the blast from the...
  13. Valhallaist

    Regarding Dungeon Keeper FX

    Few questions: 1. What is it? 2. Is it worth getting? 3. What is Dungeon Keeper Direct3D and how does it differ form DKFX? 4. Will it run if I've installed DK Gold from GOG?
  14. Valhallaist

    Direct DK references in small details

    Few days ago I was doing this thing that I call thinking. Would it be possible to make the world of DK and WFTO overlap in subtle ways? I'm thinking along the lines of background details. For example, digging into an open area or a secret room and finding a bile demon's skull on the floor. Or a...
  15. Valhallaist

    [Underlord creature] Bogeyman

    Bogeyman: Bored with scaring children in their beds, the bogeyman comes to your Dungeon to serve a higher purpose. It is weak, but has very few needs. It will train fast and can become a solid fighter at higher levels. It will not require the sanctuary, but will spend its time lurking around...
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