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  1. ANewRoom

    The Mountain that talks... (Possible Game of Thrones Spoilers)

    I'm not sure how many people here watch Game of Thrones, and I will not rule out the idea that I am being very over obsessive, but I've got to say that despite the actor changing for Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane three times he has always kept a consistent voice. I'll just get to the point, I...
  2. ANewRoom

    The DK-like genre name?

    Not sure how to put this, but with there being a fair few games based on Dungeon Keeper, Both on the horizon (Impire, Maia and of course War for the Overworld) and on the shelves (Startopia, Evil Genius and Dungeon Overlord etc), there isn't really a way to categorize these games without...
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