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  1. john hoskins


    I think way before the last one or two updates there was a level or skirmish that had I think three or four keepers that had a bunch of demacorns in it and also had some i irritating spirit imps in it after the updates I couldnt find it does anyone know if it still around? I cant remember if it...
  2. john hoskins


    I hope this dont sound stupid but here goes,before slot of the upgrades there was a level that showed I think four or five different keepers and the one was closet to you was the empire and they had all kinds of demacorns some full grown level ten and other smaller ones,it was the same level...
  3. john hoskins

    April fool

    Is there a certain way to recieve the aprils fool imp or am I misunderstand? Please let me know,I have all four games and I'm not sure how I can get the different skins,am I saying that right,I'm not sure what you kids are call the games. Forgive an old man in a young man's world.
  4. john hoskins

    Creature panel

    I'm sorry to ask this but on the game wfto my creature panel is only about half the size it was,usually I can see more of the creatures I have but it only shows 4-6 creatures. Am I'm doing something wrong or can someone let an old man how to make it to show more creatures than it does? I know...
  5. john hoskins


    I just tryed to download a saved game demacorn park world my game that I saved won' load and I can't find the mutaters. Am I missing something or was they taken off I'm still trying to get used to the new part but I didn' know if I was doing something wrong or looking in the wrong spot
  6. john hoskins


    Please forgive me if this is posted on another thread but why does the imps just pick up certain dwarfs and not others,I have tryed to put imps down on top of them and they won't even look at them and for the second part why doesn't collect the gold in the taverns I have to do this myself,don't...
  7. john hoskins

    Thank you

    I just wanted to thank everyone that has worked on this game.my son got it for me(53) I have played and replayed dungeon keeper 2 so much I know it inside and out and now I have a game that reminds me of it I hope I play this game and love it as much as I did dk2. You have My personal thank you...
  8. john hoskins

    title page

    I'm not sure if this is posted anywhere on the forum but does anyone know where I can find a title page that has all the buttons name and what they are used for my youngest son just bought me the game and I'm a little confused what all the icons are for so if anyone know please let me know I...
  9. john hoskins

    Game package

    I'm sorry to seem so stupid but I was wondering if anyone knew the game packages I thought I saw one deal that had all the game content plus a game dic.im a little old fashioned I like to have the game disc.does anyone know about this. (I'm old so please bare with me )
  10. john hoskins


    I'm kinda new at posting so bare with me if this sounds stupid but I've been watching alot of wftow on line and I'm not sure what the fireworks are in the game I'm a diehard player of dk2 I love it.so I've been watching the game played and it looks like this is gonna be a blockbuster game I only...
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