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  1. Bertthehulk

    New Home Realm oops?

    Not sure if this is a bug or if I just fucked up I was just douching around in my home realm, and wanted to know what would happen if my core got destroyed So I spawned millions of lv. 10 heroes Turns out heroes dont attack your core, so now I was stuck with a massive army at my core To clear...
  2. Bertthehulk

    Accepted Mission 12 RIP blue

    In (what I think is) the 12th mission of the campaign, where you have to battle the 3 underlords, the blue player with the two cores randomly "died". It started by him saying things sorta like he was just begin attacked Then the other two started laughing at him for being weak He didn't ask for...
  3. Bertthehulk

    Uhh... hi

    I have returned! ..who am I? Err.. well.. uh.. this is awkward After not looking at the forums, or WFTO in general, for about a year (hearthstone, LoL and studying can be really distracting from other awesome things) I decided to see how WFTO has progressed in my absense. I opened up the game...
  4. Bertthehulk

    Some curiousness, way to far ahead

    I know it is way to early to ask these kind of questions as the devs are working their arses of on more important stuff, but I was wondering Their would be a coop campaign right? Do you have to invite your coop partner, or can you be matched with someone (because none of my friends fancy...
  5. Bertthehulk

    Badass Cultists

    So I was playing a bit through the beta, letting my creatures fight some juggernaughts, when it suddenly hit me: Cultists have a knife floating behind them (or a knife attached to their backs), but in combat, they fight with their fists. As badass as this is, I wonder: why?
  6. Bertthehulk

    Steam is a b*tch

    So I created an account via my steam account, but for some reason, my account seems to log off by itself after visiting a multitude of pages (was reading through the creature suggestions, opening each of then in a new tab). Is there a way to stay logged in, or is there someone else encountering...
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