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  1. Rezal

    Is anyone having this problem??

    I must be doing something wrong,level 12 wasn't that hard but I can't even win against the normal AI in skirmish. I found it level 12 rather easy once I built up a force of beasts and beast masters. Seems like well trained beasts in the answer to all problems.
  2. Rezal

    Your hard work and passion as paid off.

    I remember when the game was finally released, awaiting the patch, starting up the game, then disappointment. . .The game was an unplayable broken mess, You guys worked hard, releasing patch after patch, I started the game up again a few weeks later and yet again was met with disappointment. I...
  3. Rezal

    Merry Christmas Underlords

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! 0_0 did I do it right?
  4. Rezal

    Sketch-a-Game (Image Heavy)

    All I know about the Metal Gear games comes from Metal Gear Awesome. . .
  5. Rezal

    Sketch-a-Game (Image Heavy)

    Well it is a Sci-Fi game. . . and its like masks and collars not beards lol.
  6. Rezal

    Sketch-a-Game (Image Heavy)

    Super easy to guess this game.
  7. Rezal

    WFTO Wednesday #62: The Frost Weaver

    1st reply and all I can say is awesome! And keep up the great work
  8. Rezal

    The grand Noonstream poll! (free likes for voters)

    42,I swear that's like some kind of number between 41 and 43.
  9. Rezal

    WFTO Wednesday #59: Helps to Have a Map

    I know nothing :P
  10. Rezal

    WFTO Wednesday #59: Helps to Have a Map

    Awesome! Good work WFTO team! Donno what to say but awesome,maybe next WFTO Wednesday I will try amazing .
  11. Rezal

    In reference to a post said some 10 minutes later Witch doctor

    That's some bad voodoo man.
  12. Rezal

    Kickstarter - Darkest Dungeon

    Um Affliction System is kinda like the "fear" system in The Thing game. The people you find,start to freak out,get scare,and think you are an alien body snatcher. 0_o really wish i can do more explaining,everything gets muddled when I try to put it in words.
  13. Rezal

    Diablo 1 HD engine Belzebub

    Old games are like fine wine,if fine wine got modded. Seems like all I am going to be playing this year is old games.
  14. Rezal

    Kickstarter - Darkest Dungeon

    Looks very interesting. Really like the Affliction System,kinda reminds me of The Thing.
  15. Rezal

    V day special on gog.com DK1 for free!!!!

    Awesome thanks for the heads up!
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