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  1. pak man

    [ Poll ] WFTO creatures

    Seriously, they suck. whenever I look at the designs I just wanna get my money back. I think majority of people in this forum are WFTO groupies who are blind. Can you at least tuck in the ugly-ass looking tongues of witch-doctor and whatever the ugly looking midget fat creature is. This...
  2. pak man

    [ creature ] demon child ( the dark creature we need )

    PICTURE POSTED OR UPLOADED DUE TO THOSE SIZES. SORRY Please see the attached files and sorry for the poor spellings. Key Stats Highlight: From the depth of hell, a beast came to earth sniffing the smell of pain and agony. Faction: Underlord Type: Intelligent Role: melee fighter Acquired By...
  3. pak man

    it looks like u guys are going to reach from 90,000~120,000

    So My question is wht r u guys plan if u guys can't reach the intended goal 150,000 ? Can we still see the game on 30th august 2013? More like a random question... sorry bout tht
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