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  1. DwarvesAtWork

    Patch 1.3.2 Now Available

    I saw the announcement for the 1.3 patch and picked up WFTO after letting it idle for quite some time. I wanted to say thanks for the continued updates and support! I'm very happy with the current state of the game.
  2. DwarvesAtWork

    What are your Favorite Free Games?

    Here is my list of great games that are also free: Pixel Dungeon (Android), roguelike dungeon crawler that plays very well on mobile. Tales of Maj'Eyal, great roguelike adventure RPG with tons of races and classes that play very differently. Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, roguelike dungeon crawler...
  3. DwarvesAtWork

    Your favorite and least favorite creatures thus far.

    I actually signed up to defend the current chunder design. I think the vacant stare of the chunder, its willingness to work, and its eagerness to die for its underlord makes it the perfect minion. If I were an underlord I would certainly look to fill my rank-and-file positions with the dumbest...
  4. DwarvesAtWork

    Introduction thread

    Hello! I made my WftO purchase a while back, but never registered here. Wanted to say thanks for this amazing project! I was thrilled to learn of a spiritual successor of DK2.
  5. DwarvesAtWork

    Succubus Design Discussion/Poll

    I just wanted to say I like the current succubus design. I would agree with the point that someone else made, the succubus has no reason to take its seduction form while in the presence of the dungeon master.
  6. DwarvesAtWork

    How I found my way to WFTO

    I found War for the Overworld on the keeperklan website while looking for unofficial Dungeon Keeper 2 patches.
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