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  1. Stylistic_sagittarius

    Magic Regen

    Why does magica take 0.5sec before regenerating itself? Is it not easier to maybe regenrating it slower but always have it regenerating even when you are casting spells? p.s. considering this when slapping creatures it should cost a small amount of mana but it could be a bit more effective to.
  2. Stylistic_sagittarius

    Half- the army flag

    Would it not be a nice option to send half your army? Before you respond i KNOW you can group units and thus sending only those that you want, but every game again this quite some work to do even in the units tab screen (wich is still bugged btw). What would eb a nice other option would eb the...
  3. Stylistic_sagittarius

    UI health bars

    I mentioned this a long time ago but i was wondering, are there still planes of being able to custimize the size and brightness of your creatures health bars? In combat instead looking at all the awsome animations of the creatures we are looking at a pinball machine and see wich color keeps...
  4. Stylistic_sagittarius

    increased cost of transmutation potion serious??!

    What's this about bringing the transmutation potion cost from 1500 to 2500?? a question does anyone effectivly use this potion?? Making it more expensive would even be less use for it, if i would say it i would even make this potion free! maybe someone could give me a better explanation for...
  5. Stylistic_sagittarius

    New Lost time reward "john" theme and can't regain it because i already got the achievements...

    just what the title says, lost the john theme and can't regain it...
  6. Stylistic_sagittarius

    Sin suggestion

    1- golden sin: what about having a returning sin (you can get it multiple times) that would give you an amount of gold? This could give sins late game a more usefull purpose and early game it could be very seductive to have some extra gold instead of scaling up the tech three... 2- ability...
  7. Stylistic_sagittarius

    Can't Reproduce no gold mining bug

    Since the latest patch i found out you are unable to give mining orders when you are out of gold...
  8. Stylistic_sagittarius

    Some Impossible achievements...

    Hi guys, I have some problems with impossible achievents to achieve and i'm not the only one... 1-Miracle: destroy all inhibitors on your own on level 10 (where you fight along side with mira over the kenos) Mira attacks quite fast and from the other side of the fort+ the fort is heavily...
  9. Stylistic_sagittarius

    Traps: area of effect should be blocked by walls...

    I played a multiplayer game today and i was actually defteated but still won because of the well of souls and bonechiller. I blocked myself in with walls and placed well of souls directly behind it. What happend? Every time the enemy treid to build an undermine or tried to break down my walls...
  10. Stylistic_sagittarius

    Hosted games in main menu

    I have an idea to increase the multiplayer games! If u put a server games list in the main menu people are more eager to join in a multiplayer game!
  11. Stylistic_sagittarius

    Spawning sound

    Could it be possible to have a simple small not-annoying sound everytime a minion spawns? It would eb a great way to keep trak of your dungeons population.
  12. Stylistic_sagittarius

    Accepted Small small bug

    this is really a small bug ;) In the john theme the spirit cultist does not move properly with his chains: An easy solution of this would be to just remove the chains and have a spike trough him or something like that, or even nothing furthermore... apart from it it is a very cool dungeon core...
  13. Stylistic_sagittarius

    Accepted Revelation level12

    When you use the revelation ritual in level 12. After you are unable to start a new ritual unless you sell and rebuild the sanctuary
  14. Stylistic_sagittarius

    Workers and creatures gaining xp

    The worker xp is very great thx guys! However i do wonder. Is it not also a good idea for other creatures gaining xp while they are working. Now they only get xp in the training room, but what if they also get a smaller portion of xp whilst doing their jobs? Cultists gaining xp whilst...
  15. Stylistic_sagittarius

    Rooms population

    While the room description gives us a lot of good info i feel there is one vitla thing missing wich MANY people will agree to me. Why can't we see just how much creatures a room would spawn unitl maxed? Or perhaps in the units tab the total number of creatures we have and how many more can be...
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