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  1. Diggory

    Published My 2nd creation - Scavenger

    Hi Guys I have just finished and published my 2nd map which I have called "Scavenger". This is a 1-player map and just like my previous one "Turncoats", I have created this map around an alternative way of handling minion recruitment. In this one I have given no access at all to a underworld...
  2. Diggory

    Published My First Map - Turncoats - Build a Hero army!

    Hi Guys My first stab at map creation is uploaded and ready to play. Would appreciate any feedback people have. The concept of this one is that you control a hero portal while the empire controls a underworld portal. You attract and raise an army of corrupted heroes to battle the Empire's...
  3. Diggory

    New [Crash] While new game loading in windowed mode.

    OS - Windows 7 64bit WFTO Build - 2013-11-06-1542 Crash occurred while loading a new game (Hollow sandbox map). Game was running in windowed mode and I was alt-tabbed to another application while it was loading. When focus was brought back to the game, the game had frozen on the loading screen...
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