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  1. werik

    Patch 1.3 Now Available!

    Great to see the amount of love you've put into the map-editor.
  2. werik

    Patch 1.2.1 Now Available!

    Great job with the patch!
  3. werik

    Patch 1.2 Preview: Balance

    Looks really nice!
  4. werik

    Completed Game always crashing during launching

    You might think it's the best version of windows but it's still based on the old NT 5.2 base, it's ancient and as Alistair said it's not supported by Microsoft anymore(I.e. it doesn't get security updates and similar). It doesn't matter how good you think the version is, it's still outdated. A...
  5. werik

    Incubus minions.

    Content is King :)
  6. werik

    Will it run fine on my PC? Hardware check, thank you

    Hi, your system fulfills the minimum required system specifications but it's just around it. This means that you will probably have to run it at minimum settings. The game might not look so detailed when zoomed out but if you zoom in or use possession you can see that it's actually quite detailed.
  7. werik

    Changing theme of your dungeon?

    There was a lengthy announcement about the Dungeoneer tool in the "Retrospect" post last year. https://wftogame.com/war-for-the-overworld-a-year-in-retrospect/
  8. werik

    WFTO Wednesday #115: No Rest for the Wicked

    Ahh, a beach front property I presume :P
  9. werik

    WFTO Wednesday #115: No Rest for the Wicked

    Tried to find it in the text but where is this fancy new HQ located? :)
  10. werik

    "Turn off shield" option

    Looks marvelous!
  11. werik

    What would Peter Molyneux do?

    Peter isn't about creating new exiting games for the sake of the game anymore. He's trying to reinvent monetization of games.. Interview with him
  12. werik

    WFTO Wednesday #109: Rated D for Delayed

    Regarding the release-date.(Somewhat) Earlier this year there was a question about upgrading the steam version from the regular to the Underlord edition, do you still plan to have this option?
  13. werik

    Dragon DLC(free or not wtver)

    As you said in your first post there are a lot of discussions about dragons and if you've read them you should now what the current stance from the devs are. Think there are a suggestion almost identical to yours somewhere in that pile, so don't expect anything different here.
  14. werik

    Fortified walls- dig through ?

    Removing the ability to dig through fortified walls feels a little to unbalanced for defensive players when it comes to PvP. Remember though that they have increased the "hardiness" of the fortified walls compared to DK2 so they are stronger now. This together with the fact that you can repair...
  15. werik

    What would Peter Molyneux do?

    Judging by his latest endeavors he would create a mobile click-fest riddled with game mechanics that encourage micro-transactions. Much like the DK Mobile game from EA.
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