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  1. Kormai

    Patch 1.3 Now Available!

    It would just be an extra option for the map maker. In DK 2 i crafted a map where 3 players there start location was exactly next eachother and then with impenetrable rocks i divided which one should build toward which side (to simulate having 1 heartstone). If you dont have an option to...
  2. Kormai

    Patch 1.3 Now Available!

    Been looking in the map editor and its very nice, there is just 1 feature i miss, and that is the ability to decide which underlord is in which team before the game begins (set teams)
  3. Kormai

    Patch 1.3 Now Available!

    So its now possible to make custom co-op maps?
  4. Kormai

    Stage 8 bug: Can't finish with too many ghouls

    I killed some ghouls slapping them, it worked
  5. Kormai

    Co-op campaign

    Been a long time, have been following it but was busy witha lot of other things also. To bad to hear that about the co-op campaign, it was 1 of the main features for me to buy it.
  6. Kormai

    Co-op campaign

    I was wondering if war for the overworld will host a co-op campaign. i love this game as i loved the DK series but i really want to have a co-op campaign i could play with my friend(s) and would gladly buy it as DLC.
  7. Kormai

    WFTO Tournament + £20 ($31) Steam Wallet Cash Prize & Steam Group

    I hope it goes through. Just for fun so i dont think balance needs to be perfect, dont forget everyone has the same units and buildings
  8. Kormai

    WFTO Wednesday #43: Two Spooky Four You

    Great update, gj guys
  9. Kormai

    Cave Wyrm II (Beast)

    Hmmm wonder why such a creature would have low armor though.
  10. Kormai

    Random Anime

    Got no clue what you mean. Maybe this site gives you some answers http://www.animefreak.tv/book
  11. Kormai

    WFTO Wednesday #42: The Meaning of Death

    Think this patch is a huge step forward, since now they can keep everything compatible for all systems giving them a great advantage for release
  12. Kormai

    WFTO Wednesday #41: Stumpy's Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza!

    Probably will but might be by the end of the year. For multiplayer they need to balance, but for balancing they need to have everything (or almost everything) in game. Else they would lose time balancing everything all the time, resulting in a delay in production
  13. Kormai

    WFTO Wednesday #41: Stumpy's Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza!

    Looks nice, cant wait to test bone chiller
  14. Kormai

    multiple player controlled dungeons

    You mean multiple dungeons as in dungeon cores or multiple maps you play at the same time? If its for dungeon core i'm not the biggest fan, cant see a use for more than 1 dungeon core on a single map
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