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  1. Roald

    [Mechanic][Other] Corrupted heroes

    I like the idea but I think it would be too much work reskinning both heroes and Keeper creatures (however you call them)
  2. Roald

    [Creature] Shinobi

    cool drawing bro, maybe you can add shadow behind him whenever he walks a dark aura i mean.
  3. Roald

    [CREATURE] the enraged

    good idea! i specificly like the top one and the bottom as the bottom represents that it was once a tree.
  4. Roald

    Carmageddon: reincarnation

    whahah i remember m playing diablo 1. I reached the butcher and saw al those bodies on spikes suddely that fatguy ran after i screamt and asked my brother if he wanted to help hehe!
  5. Roald


    lol i know what you mean IAC (iphone autocorrect) is a disease luckilly i found a cure. you can turn it off in option atleast, thats what i did its so godamn annoying!
  6. Roald

    [CREATURE] the enraged

    Thanks, those stinky dwarfs sure got what was coming to them. i however found some pictures what would suit this creature to0: http://imageshack.us/content_round.php?page=done&l=img196/5567/fotoza.png&via=mupload&newlp=1...
  7. Roald

    What creatures are confirmed to be in WFTO?

    you dont have to make a replacement for dk's creatures... just make on how you see fit and how you want it and see if people like it!
  8. Roald

    DK online

    @zuriki: yeah i know its smart of nintendo but still their 3ds is failling ! @mothrayas: its not? thats what i thought lol i was 9 year when i played the first dungeon keeper
  9. Roald

    [CREATURE] the enraged

    wahaha yeah i am not great at drawing it needs bigger legs. you aren't really taking this serious are you?
  10. Roald

    [CREATURE] the enraged

    THE ENRAGED STATS: Health: high Attack: medium Armour: high Agility: A guy who eats 100 hamburgers in a week has more agility.( okay maybe a bit exaggerated) Speed:medium Recovery Rate: Low Intelligence: medium Training Time: High Wage: medium Gender: n/a ABILITY’S: Level 3 roar: the...
  11. Roald

    DK online

    haha i would be a horned reaper >: ) but serieusly dungeon keeper was made bij a western studio (bullfrog <---- omg dutch!?!) and the mmorpg should be too. the chinese/japanese just dont get it! lets just look at final fantasy 100? or was it 50? sorry lost count :D i mean they are just...
  12. Roald

    [Neutral Creature] Magnes

    hehehe you like shale because he hates birds? :P
  13. Roald


    Thats what i am talking about!
  14. Roald

    [creature] RageWalker

    okay, i did not know it was that tall :P but maybe you have a point there but i dont know about the floating weapens maybe make that only appear with a ability?
  15. Roald

    [Neutral Creature] Tengu

    if there are dark gods there should be good gods else the dark god could just easily take the overworld over. at least thats what i think...
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