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  1. Kormai

    Co-op campaign

    I was wondering if war for the overworld will host a co-op campaign. i love this game as i loved the DK series but i really want to have a co-op campaign i could play with my friend(s) and would gladly buy it as DLC.
  2. Kormai

    G15, G510 and G19?

    This is something that should be optional so i am not asking this to be implemented for release but will WFTO support g15, g510 and g19 lcd displays?
  3. Kormai

    Inprenetable rock cant be claimed

    Impenetrable rock once claimed by a force it cant be reclaimed (sorry bout typo in title forgot how to write it a sec) When an opposing force claimed it there is no way you can fortify it yourself (removing theirs). This can be quite annoying of having some claim 1 close to your base for...
  4. Kormai

    Portal bug update v1.0.5?

    When you capture the portal before building any room some creature's spawn without the room they come with (saw chunder and cultist before i made any room) Overall awesome improvement, feels alot better.
  5. Kormai

    what would your dream game be like?

    Everyone has there own vieuw of what the perfect game for them would be. What would your dream game be? My game would be a semi board game. There are 4 teams consisting of 3 people each starting in a different corner of the map. In the middle is a big boss with an artifact you have to capture...
  6. Kormai

    Out of curiosity

    Yes i know curiosity killed the cat but thats why i wanne kill my curiosity (loved that cat hehe). Which programs are actually being used to create this game? Read you guys use (or used?) unity, what kind of graphics program are you using, which sound program etc? Asking this out of intrest, no...
  7. Kormai

    Co-op/versus campaign

    I know this wont probably wont be for release but i thought i'd share this idea before i forgot it again hehe. What i would love to see is a campaign mode that you have to work togheter (scaling on ammount of players?) but at the same time have to be carefull for eachother. Let me enlighten...
  8. Kormai

    Question that keeps on my mind

    Will you be able to form/join guilds? I love teaming with people and love to talk with many and switch out idea's and tactics. Also i love to have some pretty solid teammates that know how i build and i know how they build. For the 2 vs 2 etc and to practice it would be awesome if we could...
  9. Kormai

    DLC package's?

    I know you guys are gonna do DLC packages but will you be able to see ingame which DLC packages (official packages) exist and wether they are installed or not? It would be alot easier to follow em than and you will probably sell more than. Might be an option on the start screen to see possible...
  10. Kormai

    Few things i would love to see

    Some of these might have been proposed already and might have been planned already 1) Can we get a small map with some enemy's (cant seem to find enemy's in the current map) to make testing more fun. 2) Different type of value gold ore (silver ore , diamond ore etc ). 3) The gold spell from...
  11. Kormai

    Multiplayer Co-op

    I really hope this has a co-op multiplayer mission arc that can be done with 2 to 4 players. That would own
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