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  1. Skorp

    MP Competition

    This should be interesting with the upcoming balance changes, count me in.
  2. Skorp

    Ember Demons splash damage outside Arena.

    This is a bug that I thought it was solved some time ago but since I replicated it the internal ticket has been reopened.
  3. Skorp

    New Can't pick creatures up

    Oculus are an exception among beasts by the fact that they will flee if they are heavily injured unless there is a rally flag but yeah, sometimes its not enough and they will die pointlessly.
  4. Skorp

    New Can't pick creatures up

    Exactly what Slichizard said, the game is designed to allow picking up creatures only on your territory. The idea was to prevent the tactic in DK1/DK2 to simply retrieve your minions during a battle, so now there is some risk involved in launching attacks but you can use "recall" on either the...
  5. Skorp

    Tool tip text looks like debug-info

    I have internal confirmation that the developers are aware of this and will try to improve it.
  6. Skorp

    Tool tip text looks like debug-info

    Meickel is right in the sense that this a suggestion, not a bug. So I'm moving this thread to the suggestion forum.
  7. Skorp

    Necromancers with Ghuls

    A necromancer will summon two ghouls for each level, so by knowing that and looking if he raises more ghouls from a crypt you can guess how many does he have. But since this isn't always possible I agree that some numerical indication would be nice.
  8. Skorp

    New Mad vampires?

    Yes, the public build has the vampire getting hungry very soon but if you have a constant supply of prisoners or corpses you should be fine.
  9. Skorp

    New Mad vampires?

    Vampires need to feed constantly, and by feeding I mean killing an intelligent unit and sucking dry his corpse. They can be kept happy if you use them in battles and let him eat the corpses but if he hasn't eaten in a while he will go to the prison and feed on your prisoners, so thats why you...
  10. Skorp

    lvl 3 the breach

    Are you using defenses? Bombards covered by blade lotuses should do the trick, try to clear some space to give them firing range and use the blade lotus as a barricade. Since this doesn't look like a bug I'll reject it, unless you see something going clearly wrong.
  11. Skorp

    better script for campaign

    There are actually a lot of ways to play a defensive mission, you can build a trap blockade with bombards and blate lotuses buffed by a garrison and a bone chiller to reduce enemy speed or cause them damage by clicking it when they are near, use a lot of cheap traps that you can build manually...
  12. Skorp

    Game too easy

    The campaign exploits should be fixed in the future but at the moment you can try skirmish mode with "Steven Fright" level "Master" Have fun! ;)
  13. Skorp

    This rush was a shame

    Those two are reported bugs that will hopefully be corrected soon, the tavern does have this problem where the narrator says that is not big enough when its just that is out of meat (you can manually fill it with micro piglets or minions that you particularly dislike) Agreed, at the moment is a...
  14. Skorp

    New Gamebreaking unit bug

    He is supposed to feed on the units he kills but currently he won't do this unless there are no distractions, which is something difficult in any dungeon and if he gets near your core he will ignore anything else and attack it. You should be able to feed him your own units to get him from mad...
  15. Skorp

    better script for campaign

    Or have a garrison + traps in some chokepoints and creatures + spells on others, the level its hard but fair and very satisfying to complete.
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