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  1. Skorp

    New [Mac]Gold Vortex not functioning correctly

    I don't think that this is only a mac problem but it appears that the gold vortex has two states, one opened and one closed (I didn't knew about this and there isn't yet an effect to show it), this state can be changed by clicking it with the mouse but when a gold vortex is first created it...
  2. Skorp

    [Minor alterations] Spying - War for the information

    With the game being close to be done I understand that there aren't many suggestion left that could be included but I feel like this is a part that can be improved, the mechanics of obtaining information about the enemy. This is crucial in the game because according to the state of the enemy's...
  3. Skorp

    AI problems

    The AI can choose sins and select blocks to dig faster than a human, use obey more efficiently than a human, cast lighting on every intruder without losing focus on other things and in general have a bigger and better army than a human, so why does it keep losing after you learn some basic...
  4. Skorp

    Rally Suggestions

    Something that bothers me is that currently when your units see any enemy they will rush towards then, generally dying because a rally flag won't distract them from their cause and a recall won't work if they are already in combat. I suggest adding more options to the rally system, for example...
  5. Skorp

    New 0.6.0 (3rd Hotfix)Mac Yosemite, mouse wheel disabled when restarting

    I had encountered this bug before but now I know how to reproduce it: 1)Load any map, skirmish, campaign, survival... 2)Restart the map 3)The mouse zoom will not work Exiting to the main menu and choosing the map again always solves it.
  6. Skorp

    Mysterious Armored Guy speculation thread

    The livestream revealed that he is indeed an empire boss, and a very thought one.
  7. Skorp

    Not a single normal trap?

    With almost all the features of the game already revealed I realised that there isn't a single "normal" trap like spikes or saws, is there a reason to this? It feels strange to build a dungeon and not have any common trap to defend corridors other than putting a bombard on the other side.
  8. Skorp

    [Alchemy Lab Mechanic] Plagues

    Near the end in the neutral vein there could be an option called "Research Plague" that requires an alchemy lab, when its unlocked you gain access to creating and defending against plagues. First you select your test subject, minion or prisoner, and drop him inside an alchemy cauldron. Then all...
  9. Skorp

    Posible Bug? Imps will dig a blood money statue even with the no-work flag

    After a set of arena battles I decided to reward my chunder champion for his battle skills by transforming him into a gold statue to be displayed in my vault but even with the anti-work flag my imps insisted in digging him out, ruining the plan and making the chunder feel unhappy. While I...
  10. Skorp

    How will unit AI work?

    With the new changes it seem that the devs want to avoid units making stupid decisions on their own but some abilities depend a lot of the context they are used in, for example, the shadow will stay invisible until he attacks, if an enemy army is marching trough the dungeon and come near him...
  11. Skorp

    [Underlord creature] The masked alchemist

    Backstory (skip if you are not interested): In the biggest cities of the empire there is usually a alchemy school, were a few chosen ones are taught knowledge that any crackpot would, and reportedly have, give all his limbs for. Those secrets are one of the most guarded things by the light and...
  12. Skorp

    Another unit for the alchemy lab

    When the crackpot was revealed I initially despised it but lately I'm starting to like him, he is the worker of the lab, dangerously crazy yet competent and has a very distinct appearance but the problem, a lore problem to be precise, I found with him at the beginning still remains: He doesn't...
  13. Skorp

    [Question] Is the game focused on simulation or competitivity?

    I would like to know what are the plans for the future of the game since right now only the very basic core is done, will your own creatures be a threat in certain circumstances? Or will you only need to focus on enemies? For example, if the game is focused on the dungeon management part there...
  14. Skorp

    Linux, game wont start

    I just bought WFTO, activated the steam key and downloaded it but when I click on "play" nothing happens. I looked around and found someone with a similar problem on steam forums that was solved by deleting and re-downloading the game but I done it several times and still doesn't work
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