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  1. desdicado

    Mobile dungeon Keeper Remake

    What if somebody took out all the resources like textures and models from the mobile unity game and made an enjoyable lightweight real dungeonkeeper , it is using unity engine so i guess with somebody who can do it we can have somebody copy/paste similar unity games code remove the clash of...
  2. desdicado

    Ultima Underworld Keeper?

    http://www.peroxide.dk/underworld.shtml this is a viewer that makes ultima underworld into 3d , i wonder can things from that be used for a dungeonkeeper like game?
  3. desdicado

    Dungeonkeeper 2 Unlimited zoom

    Supreme keeper mod for dungeonkeeper 2 now we can zoom just like in WFTO in good old DK2 too bad there is no HD but we can't have everything i guess :) Any other cool stuff for dk2 please tell.... Heres the mod exe. https://mega.co.nz/#!p0AzUBYb!D2CB-D1UPUiAganeNkSRcihgkKgXECEeqtJgzgDa_cE since...
  4. desdicado

    Diablo 1 HD engine Belzebub

    Seems like its more then a HD engine , they add all the removed content and characters from diablo beta plus waypoints and crafting... Maybe something to sooth the pain from Blizzard making diablo 3 into an mmo-ish game.
  5. desdicado

    The Origin Storyline of Dungeonkeeper

    The intro explains how The Avatar gets banished to the world of pagan But what if he returned too late? Then we keepers take over The Avatar returns just to find the lands he loved so much being ravaged by the keepers since the balance between good and evil has been disturbed,,,,
  6. desdicado

    Keeper FX in 3d?

    There is an engine called Keeper FX for dungeonkeeper 1 . It requires Dungeonkeeper original files to run but it has high resolution support , could the wfto people add opengl and 3d graphics to it from WFTO? it could be a nice game to play between beta testing :) Edit : KeeperFX is opensource :)
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