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  1. Psycix

    Statue arrived broken

    Woke up to a response this morning (they replied within 8 hours). They're sending me a new one right away. :D Top service!
  2. Psycix

    Statue arrived broken

    Ah yes, the site's back up. I've sent them an email with pictures and everything they asked for, so now we wait. :) I'll keep you guys updated.
  3. Psycix

    Statue arrived broken

    Hi there, I got my imp statue in the mail, and I was sad to discover it didn't arrive intact. The damage is that both hands and pickaxe got snapped off at the wrists. I would have gone to Eucl3d first, but their website seems down, hence I come here. I can upload a pic if necessary.
  4. Psycix

    WFTO Statuettes Now Available ( & Kickstarter Coupons)

    Cool! I've rarely met a worse shipping details form though. First off, "Holland" is not a country. The Netherlands is. Secondly, according to the form, my last name is invalid as apparently it is now impossible to have a space in your last name. EDIT: No confirmation email after placing...
  5. Psycix

    MP Competition

    I'll participate if I can! I haven't played at all so I hope I can get enough practice beforehand...
  6. Psycix

    Developers arent fixing bugs quick enough

    Did you play the game at launch? I assure you, that in the past few months, the devs have fixed bugs faster than I've ever seen any team do. I understand that the network desyncing issues are frustrating, but they are well-known and are being worked on.
  7. Psycix

    Dropping imps on unclaimed tiles

    I agree, if you prioritize claiming (and you should, for maximum effectiveness), this is not an issue.
  8. Psycix

    Augrum wall and fortified wall

    There are ways to do this without harming performance. Programatically there are many tricks to solve issues like this. Instead of directly calculating everything from scratch, you could make a map of what is reachable from each core, a map that only needs to be updated every time accessibility...
  9. Psycix

    Completed Shadow Unit in Arena Bugged

    Hi Shadowtouch, There have indeed been issues with the arena, including the one you described here. Some fixes are already in the works, and this issue is likely to already be fixed. I'm going to mark this as "complete" for now, and you can expect it to be fixed as soon as the next patch gets...
  10. Psycix

    Accepted Insufficient mana while plenty left

    I made an improvement request ticket just to make sure this isn't forgotten, but no promises; if there are no recording sessions in the (near) future and a line like this was never recorded it is going to be impossible to have proper narrative for this.
  11. Psycix

    Accepted Insufficient mana while plenty left

    This has to do with additional imps locking up mana. As you can see, the majority of your mana is already locked up by the yellow bar. You can only lock mana capacity up to a certain point, this is when you have 500 left. So this behavior is completely intended and not a bug. I can understand...
  12. Psycix

    New Level 9 (Belmorne's Pass bug?

    I've been arguing before that people expect waves and get messed up because the game decides it's funny to deliver an endless waterfall. I still think this is bad design, and the fact that people make bugreports for it proves my point.
  13. Psycix

    Going into possession should be faster

    I agree that the transition time should be much faster. (Keep it on topic please, let's not talk about possession in it's entirety)
  14. Psycix

    weekly patches

    My bad, didn't read that bugfixes part. Now THIS is something that shouldn't be disclosed. Even the QA team doesn't know much about stuff like this, and this secrecy is a good thing. Why? Because otherwise you get a Molyneux scenario. In any game development, things always turn out differently...
  15. Psycix

    weekly patches

    Would it really? :/ Tweaks and fixes can't really be "spoiled"
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