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    Security Warning

    Hello, i tried to visit this site the past days but firefox asking me always if i trust this site. This wasn´t the case before. I receive this warning: http://pic.dhe.ibm.com/infocenter/rdmhelp/v3/topic/com.ibm.rcam.install.doc/images/security_warning_firefox.gif Maybe it´s interesting for...
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    Robots online?

    Hello, just a short question. What are robots? Total: 33 (members: 10, guests: 12, robots: 11)
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    New Steam price?

    Hello, today i decided to visit the steam site of this game after i visited it last time one month ago. I were quite surprised about the new lower price of 20,99 Euro. If i remember right the price were ~27 Euro on Beta release and i did not see any news about a price reduction. Could the...
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    worried about progress

    I am a bit worried because time goes only forward and i see only little progress since the kickstarter Video which was in january. I know the developers said it´s only an alpha version but for how long? Original they announced to release the game in august. It is ok to delay the release date but...
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