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  1. Kyle

    Accidental reveal? The Bard

    I love you.
  2. Kyle

    A feature Request

    A roof is something we want to do, I can't say that it will be in for sure at the current moment but it's on our to-do list.
  3. Kyle

    'The unveiled creatures feedback post'

    This is an excellent thread, keep the feedback comin!
  4. Kyle

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas from the whole WftO team everyone.
  5. Kyle

    Tell TotalBiscuit about this game!

    Has he done that before?
  6. Kyle

    What do YOU guys want to see in WFTO?

    Our audio design is going to reflect more of the brutality and sheer intimidation of the creatures from DK1.
  7. Kyle

    TB involved, still accurate?

    The statement he made was a long time ago, before kickstarter was known about. Whether or not he'd like to give us coverage now is fully up to him. Regardless, the updates we make are to give the fans and newcomers a taste of what WftO could be like.
  8. Kyle

    it looks like u guys are going to reach from 90,000~120,000

    Anyway my point is, if we want people to quit their jobs to work on this full time, they're going to need a bare minimum salary, and paying 5 people the bare minimum is still going to cost a lot every month, the money will get the game done and won't stretch any further than that. Hence the...
  9. Kyle

    it looks like u guys are going to reach from 90,000~120,000

    A single house for a couple perhaps, but we have over 15 people on our team. All doing important jobs.
  10. Kyle

    it looks like u guys are going to reach from 90,000~120,000

    150,000 is actually a very small amount of money for the type of game and quality we're aiming for. You always hear about games costing millions to make when they're just FPS games with fancy graphics. How far do you think 150,000 would go?
  11. Kyle

    Problems with download of the demo

    I'll see about setting up torrent mirrors.
  12. Kyle

    Kickstarter is live!

    It is done!
  13. Kyle

    Kickstarter is live!

    Thank and kill him for calling us "War for the overlord"
  14. Kyle

    Kickstarter is live!

  15. Kyle

    Kickstarter is live!

    A demon leader isn't out of the question, all I can say is that currently we don't. However we haven't designed all of the units yet, so there may be room for such unit should we felt we'd like that type of role to be filled (the role of a leader unit).
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