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  1. Psycix

    Statue arrived broken

    Hi there, I got my imp statue in the mail, and I was sad to discover it didn't arrive intact. The damage is that both hands and pickaxe got snapped off at the wrists. I would have gone to Eucl3d first, but their website seems down, hence I come here. I can upload a pic if necessary.
  2. Psycix

    EULA and modding

    Ever since the cut of dungeoneer, WftO does not actively support modding, but what's worse, is that the EULA seems to prohibit any kind of modding. As far as I understood, the majority of the developers of WftO are ex-modders who have modded games themselves. They above anyone else should...
  3. Psycix

    Status VFX

    We need effects on/above units when they have certain general types of buffs or debuffs on them. Some already have FX, like the cultist's blood thing or some slow/concussion thing various units have. However, stuns and many other debuffs are completely invisible. I think almost nobody...
  4. Psycix

    Completed (WFTO-3126)Fortify doesn't fortify isolated territory

    1.1.5 on win8x64 How to reproduce: Dig out some rooms Do not allow your imps to fortify anything Close off some rooms with replacement earth Use the "fortify" ritual Observe how the isolated rooms are not fortified Example setup: Activating ritual after the replacement walls were built...
  5. Psycix

    Accepted (WFTO-3132) FoW broken after revelation

    Playing 4P MP. I was host. After using revelation, some areas remained revealed permanently. Screenshot taken quite a while after revelation as used and faded away. 1.1.5 on Win8x64 Output.log: http://justpaste.it/lsqv
  6. Psycix

    Revelation stays too long

    As per title, in MP it seems to last for minutes.
  7. Psycix

    Under Review MP Memory leak

    Just had a 4 player multiplayer match cut short due to running out of ram. I was host. 1.1.5 on Win8x64 with 8GB ram. Output.log: http://justpaste.it/lsqv No crash log since the windows kernel terminated the process itself.
  8. Psycix

    Claiming unknown tech

    Part bug, part enhancement/improvement, prolly needs a ticket anyway hence I post it here. Feel free to move this thread if you think it's better suited somewhere else. The game doesn't properly handle claiming new rooms or rooms with new things. Perhaps this was already planned, but here is a...
  9. Psycix

    Ember demons are broken

    Just played an hour long MP match where I attacked a player, and he built a bunch of ember rifts, killing my entire army. So, I also made ember rifts. Result: 45 minutes of continuous emberdemon slaughter, anything that dared to set foot near the blaze got killed, including titans. I tried...
  10. Psycix

    Rebelling vampires are an endless curse

    Steps to reproduce: -Summon vampire -Slap him till he's very mad -He goes beserk, attacking everything, you can't pick him up -Every time he dies, he INSTANTLY respawns at his lair and continues the rampage. Sell the lair? Bad idea. From now on he will instantly respawn at your dungeon core...
  11. Psycix

    Completed Annex cannot claim tiles next to dungeon core

    v1.1 on windows8x64 It can dig them out, but not claim. Reproduction steps: -Select annex -Click on wall next to dungeon core to dig it out with annex -Try to claim floor with annex -Note how you can't claim the floor -Now how you can claim floors adjacent to other rooms or tiles just fine...
  12. Psycix

    Accepted [QA-678]Pre-built rooms on seastead broken

    1.1 on windows8x64 Again, pre-built rooms are broken, this time on seastead. I saw this first in MP, but it also occurs on offline skirmish. How to reproduce: Start skirmish. Look at taverns. They sometimes correct themselves when you claim them.
  13. Psycix

    Map overview gallery

    Feeling lost? No idea where to dig? No more! http://imgur.com/a/Bm6jO I made a gallery showing all MP maps, including gateways and shrines marked with the following letters: Gateway, Perception, gOld, Siege, Mana, manuFacturing, Research) Put it on your second monitor while playing, memorize...
  14. Psycix

    Under Review Units not following rally flags

    PTBv9 on windows8x64 Some of my units decided not to follow the rally flag onto enemy territory. This happened in an MP match for both me and allied player against 2 AI's. At first the deserters were just beasts (similar completed report thread), but later on almost all minions refused to walk...
  15. Psycix

    Skirmish/MP random positions unless set

    For the sake of variety it would be neat if player positions could be set to "random", so that they are assigned to any free position at game start. It would make sense to have it as random by default. Main reason is that unless deliberately making the effort of changing it, the player in...
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