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  1. D@nzingtree

    Hello, It seems like my backer status is missing, Nutter said I should ask you regarding this...

    Hello, It seems like my backer status is missing, Nutter said I should ask you regarding this problem- May you look after that please? Thanks.
  2. D@nzingtree

    WFTO Wednesday #109: Rated D for Delayed

    Nice to see that theres now a final release date one can look forward to : ) Besides that, i was absent for a quiete long time and now my backer status seems missing, did something happen which requiered us to restate our tier/adress? Or shouldnt that concern me if I can just type it in the...
  3. D@nzingtree

    Are we staying in PG-13 land?

    Do you ask for nudity and horror, or are you concerned with the direction the game takes? The torture chamber is way too over the top to be serious horror (even the floor is out of flesh!) and the succubus isnt the incarnation of raw, filthy sexy if you ask me... There isnt much stuff left to...
  4. D@nzingtree

    WFTO Wednesday #63: The Big Backer Update (2/2)

    Firstly: Damnit!! That theme is beautiful! Its a shame I cant cut more money out of my rips for tier 7 ^^ On the other hand I hope that the founder theme wont be unlocked as a dlc for the rest of us (or only as a 3 day sale action in 2 years..). It could loose its special feeling. That sin...
  5. D@nzingtree

    [Dungeon Theme] Super Mario Bros.

    Could be a funny dungeon theme, if the super mario references would be subtle and just related to the original textures. Evil little turtle monster as workers could look still marioesqe without looking directly ripped,
  6. D@nzingtree

    Greetings and Congratulation to your new little job^^

    Greetings and Congratulation to your new little job^^
  7. D@nzingtree

    WFTO Wednesday #61: The Big Backer Update (1/2)

    Hey, impressive! I wouldnt have thought that the extra stuff gets already developed, this ghost theme looks awesome, Its nice to see a dungeon core that implies some kind of interesting Lore.
  8. D@nzingtree

    WFTO Wednesday #60: The Beastmaster

    He could be man sized and still look good, I think its more about the face than the size. I imagine him like some porcine orc.
  9. D@nzingtree

    [Ritual] Darkness/blinding light + [Potion] Demonic insanity/righteous fury

    A ritual that makes units disobedient towards the call to arms spell? That a nice idea and could make things worse very soon for every wrath player.
  10. D@nzingtree

    [Hint/Plea] What to avoid

    The fluffy pink teddybear may not fit into the dungeon ambience, but the fact that he spits flesheating bugs completely outweights that.... Sorry, but some of their unit designs just dont fit and I find it kind of strange that not very much people seem to care about that. His abbilitys and the...
  11. D@nzingtree

    WFTO Wednesday #60: The Beastmaster

    Now as I think of it, he reminds me a bit of this guy here, who is a proof that pigs can look epic too. its not a bad design descission but there are some things which hinder the beast master from being good designed than to be just an ok looking unit- but thats just my humble opinion. . A lot...
  12. D@nzingtree

    Your RPG Character!

    The Odin Warrior 47% Strength, 27% Bloodlust, 27% Intelligence, 23% Spirit, 32% Vitality and 10% Agility! Masters of multiple weapons and forms of hand-to-hand combat, the Odin Warriors are truly fierce and formidable opponents. Although Odin Warriors may look frightening, they often have a...
  13. D@nzingtree

    WFTO Wednesday #60: The Beastmaster

    Another thing which came up on my mind after reading this- Will we be able to sacrifiece heros for train and entertaining purposes in the arena or was that just a non literally description , like the gnarling driven market?
  14. D@nzingtree

    WFTO Wednesday #60: The Beastmaster

    Its intersting that he wears clothes made of beasts. The whip is obvivious, but helmet looks like a skarks shell, do the other clothes come from beast which werent shown yet? The pig design.. Well, nothing which blows me from my chair but its interseting how he will look ingame. It would be...
  15. D@nzingtree

    WFTO Wednesday #59: Helps to Have a Map

    Welcome :) There was a thread about Wall props and they said that there will be probably none of them, because they could hinder the balancing. As far as I remember it, the reason was something about only 1x3 room dungeons. It was also stated that random clutter in the rooms will be implemented...
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