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  1. SilentReaper

    Published Invasion (1vs1)

    Hello Keeper You seem to find yourself underneath the ocean. It's best we end this quickly before water collapses on us all! Map Properties 4 Monster Portals 4 Perception Shrines 2 Research Shrines 2 Mana Shrines 4 Choke Hold Points (2 dirt, 2 through brimstone)...
  2. SilentReaper

    Gameplay Issues regarding WFTO (Huge Mofo List)

    Hey developers, I have some issues regarding WFTO about gameplay mechanics. Sanctuary Issues 1) Only cultists can work in the sanctuary. Are necromancers and witch doctors not intelligent enough about death to help perform rituals? 2) Sacrificing is limited to only creating vampires. There...
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