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  1. Noontide

    Help! Publish Maps from GOG version

    Hello SeriousToni, Unfortunately, the GOG versions are completely unlinked from SteamWorks and as such it will not be possible to publish to the Steam Workshop from the GOG version. You can upload to our resources repository here, but this is not the primary space in which people download and...
  2. Noontide

    Why are there so few traps and defences?

    It should be noted that all the defences in WFTO typically have more functionality or additional special abilities. They're generally more involved than their counterparts in other Dungeon Management Games so despite the number being more limited the quality should be higher.
  3. Noontide

    Heart of Gold issues

    Are you using Magical Meat? That is typically the key to long expeditions away from your dungeon. Certainly shouldn't have been the case if it was. The intention behind carpet is to prevent you from building across most of the Empire's space. Can't be sure on this. But I'm pretty sure most...
  4. Noontide

    Next Developer Stream - 5 September 2018 & VOD

    Click here to read the Full Update
  5. Noontide

    Introduction thread

    Awesome! Pleased to meet you Riff. Thank you for your support!
  6. Noontide

    Upcoming Developer Stream & Community Update

    Click here to read the Full Update
  7. Noontide

    My childhood dream just died hoping for a spiritual sucessor

    Hey Sonny Bos, I hear you on this, we're big, big fans of the C&C Franchise and RTS games in general. It's something I personally would love to see appropriately resurrected. Naturally, I cannot talk about future projects but if we were to do something in the vein of C&C we'd probably want to...
  8. Noontide

    Why did I never hear about this??

    No worries at all. We're still working on the site and plan to introduce some alternative payment gateways (Paypal & Amazon) in the future. :) There's a lot to work out with something like this, it's new to us and only something we can work on in a bit of spare time. :) Thank you for your support!
  9. Noontide

    Why did I never hear about this??

    Not for the time being (Its relatively new and GOG keys aren't as easy to grab as Steam ones). You can however grab a GOG key from the Humble Widgets on our buy page. They're pretty close in what percentage of the sale goes to us. :)
  10. Noontide

    Why did I never hear about this??

    Awesome stuff CPC2018! We really appreciate the support and hope you enjoy the game! Speaking of, if you wish to support us even more you can purchase the game from our official store. http://store.brightrockgames.com/ It'll still deliver a Steam key but that's the best way to make sure the...
  11. Noontide

    crucible changes

    Good stuff! :)
  12. Noontide

    Crucible Game Crash (patch 2.0.2?)

    Hi Joosten_Erik, Please can you make a report for this on our tracker, include an output log of the crash you've suffered from. :) Cheers, Lee
  13. Noontide

    WHen timer is done, what is "trigger ID" to have an action happen?

    The Trigger ID is the ID of the script I believe. If not then it's a number that you choose to relate with the "On Trigger" Trigger in a script. In the latter case if you set the Timer to trigger ID 1 then add a "On Trigger" trigger to a script and use the number 1 you should see something happen.
  14. Noontide

    Can't tell block selected. They always say (23,3)

    Hi MrChoke, Please, can you make a report for this on our Bug Tracker and we'll try to investigate this further. Cheers, Lee
  15. Noontide

    Importing maps into editor. Tons of missing IDs

    Hi MrChoke, Pleases report this on our Bug Tracker and we'll take a look into it. With the report pleases include an output log from an affected session and also indicate to us what map you are trying to import as well as which script features are missing IDs on these levels. Cheers, Lee
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