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[Creature] Tarantula brood mother

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Feb 5, 2012
Name Tarantula (gains the honorific brood mother at level 7)

Preface A desire for spiders and some sort of low level creepy crawly in the dungeon.

Appearance image:

Stats: (Remember: Avoid using numbers for statistics. Use general terms, such as "low", "very low", or "high".)

Health: Medium
Armor: low (but increases substantialy up to about above medium but not quite at high as your Tarantula levels)
Movement Speed: Fast (think shock troop or glass cannon, it can get alot of damage in fast)
Attack strength: Medium
Attack speed: fast (becoming very fast at level 3 when a speed boost power is gained)
Intelligence: slow (if all creatures can reaserch, then this insect is a slow reasercher)
Construction: slow
Training Rate: medium
Training Cost: cheap
Wage: 300-700
Gender: female


Level 1: Standard melle attack: Fangs, medium damage, short cooldown of about 0.9 of a second.
Level 2: Poison fangs attack: poisons the creature for a low constant damage for about 10 seconds. 5 second cooldown, This attacks poison does not stack.
Level 3: Speed boost: the creature gains 2x speed for 30 seconds. 40 second cool down.
level 4: Web : halfs target creature speed and causes none spell flyers to fall to the ground.
level 5: Wall climb: The creature can climb onto the walls or ceiling and move along at half speed
level 6: Fire stiffened hairs :The beast fires its stiffened body bristles as a scattered attack, more deadly in close range of about a tile or two, but gets spread out too much to be fully efficient after that, each individual hair projectile only doing a small amount of the total damage amount. Cool down of around 15 seconds.
level 7: Brood mother honorific added to name (example: Xiol to Brood mother Xiol), boost to armour equivalent to one catagory higher.
Level 8: spider eggs: The creature lays down eggs, wich after 30 seconds hatch into a random number of spiderlings from 3 to 5 that scurry into walls and floors to make traps that last for about 5 minutes. These traps are one time things, and when sprung by a creature passing by foot through will attack to deal a single poison dose and a melle damage. Their traps are denoted by webbed over holes like a funnel web spider. the egg can be destroyed before it hatches. egg ability cool down: 3 minutes. This ability lets the tarantulas be more efficient defenders.
Level 9: create web: can weave a web between two points or down from the ceiling that it can move over and that will trap opposing creatures in it for 30 seconds who walk into it. cool down: 2 minutes. Webs degrade after 4 minutes. - Only the tarantula who made the web will use it, and the web can span up to 3 tiles long but only ever 1 tile wide. Does not hinder allies. Other tarantula wont set up in an area were their is another tarantulas web. the web can be destroyed at the same hitpoints as a wooden door.
Level 10: Slam : This attack knocks back opponents, dependable on their weight, dealing some damage (think a version of the word of power attack DK1 dragon lvl 10 ability). Used most often when the Tarantula decides to flee.

Special abilities: when stood still for a half minute becomes stealthed/invisible, untill it moves or attacks. can be detected via a reveal spell or ability or if their are wall torches that make the creature cast a shadow, although that last one is only a PC's ability to detect it and does not show the unit up visable. The stealth pose is reared up on hind legs from what ever surface they are stood on, fangs raised ready to strike. The tarantula seems translucent to the player when they see one of their own doing this pose. The Tarantula will hold this pose for 10minutes at the most.


Weakness: fire, ice and light
Resistance: electric, poison (full resistance), blunt and dark.

Information: these are creatures found in the first start of a dungeon, throw away horde units that become very usefull if kept to be trainned, switching from the roll of glass cannon troop to general use guard later on. not as powerfull as later units but can still be of use.

Appearance: Think your standard hairy 8 legged freak, about the size of the dungeon keeper spiders but more hairy, thicker in body and legs and with realy realy big fangs. Brown, white and black as the average colors, variation in markings ie: Black with red legs etc. This just to give spiders individuality if the game makers decide to.

Behavior in Dungeon: This minion makes its lair and then wanders to one wide passage ways were itll settle down if leveled enought to spin a web, it will then use these webs like guard posts and return their between activities. If low level it'll hide around corners and in areas of dirt yet to be claimed. It does not naturaly frequent any room unless told to do so via being dropped in. it will naturaly be aggressive to flying type creatures more than 3 levels lower than it. It will happly attack enemy imps who wander too close when its stealthed and kill them. will naturaly wander near opponents claimed land if not enough environments near home base were it can lurk. Should an area with alot of water or lava be found, if high enought level will hang down from the ceiling from its own cast webs cloaked waiting for an opponent at the mouths of entrances.

Battle Style: Blitzer combat unit. turns from a fast basic attacker to a moderate general use guard later on. It will drop any eggs when foe is sighted, charge the opponent firing any ranged abilitys it has, then try to poison and fast attack pound the foe to death. it will naturaly try to retreat should it be faced with undead, it will attack the weakest opponents first via level or health, it will naturaly try to retreat at 1/4 health if outside of a 50 tile radius of the dungeon centre/heart. The Tarantula will flee if faced with a 3 to 1 or greater superiority in opponent numbers against it.

Jobs: glorified guard and swarm unit. These things strike quick, fast then run away leaving behind eggs and webs to slow and hinder advancing forces. they take down scouts and the unwary.

Loves: the Tarantula loves the hatchery, and will if their are entrances, set up webs about this area. It will also set up around prisons, and will randomly shoot chickens who arnt in the hatchery area.

Hates: flys, faiys, and anything with bug like wings of all descriptions. not so much hate as hunger.

Anger reaction: the tarantula will start attacking imps who pass its webs or guard points.

Lair: a web hung between two tree branches, the tarantula rests in the middle of this.

Obtainable By: Portal or converted from wild populations.

Attracted by: hatchery. will also be attracted if you have a lair and flying type minion at a ratio of 1 tarantula to every 3 fliers.

How Introduced: a group of dwarves or fairies who are low health run away from your forces into a tunnel with 5 tarantulas who ambush and kill them, these beasts then walk out of the tunnel entrance and join your forces. 4 are level 1, 1 is level 3. The camera pans round the tunnel entrance as the heros flee into it. with a voice saying:
"See how the heros flee, scared wittless by your vile forces. Though they be scarce it is true, well soon see minions interested in you, look now, hear their screams, something horrific and delightful this way comes it seems"

"Ah the humble tarantula, a loyal minion, it will guard your realm wile you grow, this steadfast little nightmare is fast and nimble beast with loyalty to those who will feed it. Though it is not strong, its arival will be a boon to your growing hordes. Should you train one of these arachnids, they will become formidable indeed"

Entrance Effect: [OPTIONAL] a spidery screech sound, with the tarantula leaping onto a support and scurrying up it before leaping onto the ledge and rearing up on its hind legs to show its fangs. Or: big hairly legs coming over the rim all at once like a spider exiting a hiding hole before it pulls itself up and out before rearing.

Torture: [OPTIONAL] Hammering a spike into the join between the legs with the beast upside down on the table.

Advisor Quotes: [OPTIONAL] Place this beast around the edge of your realm to make it guard that area, it will naturaly migrate to this area for a few times and set up in ambush, or set it in a contested region to hold off scouts and vagabonds until you can muster your forces to strike.

My own comments:

Any dungeon worth its salt needs an arachnid, and they make great guards as everyone knows.
Feb 10, 2012
you know, i like this unit! it's really awesome. i like its abilities, very spidery!
-feels like a blitzer that jumps in deals quick damage then scurries away yea? with a sweet armor boost! its abilities don't seem overpowered, and fit with it being a spider.
-the only thing i don't really understand is its level 7 ability? and i don't feel that ice bolt is very fitting. other than that great suggestion. also its level 10 ability makes its level 7 ability kinda useless? cause then itll be at medium constantly. maybe make level 7 just give it a % armor boost?
-i like its behavior as well. i wouldnt mind having these guarding my dungeon! beats dark elves any day
Feb 5, 2012
Thanks for the suggestions, ill change the ranged, and ill have to think on the level 7 and level 10 boosts. I always feel a level 10 deserves something nice just for getting their.

I was wanting to put in a kind of ranged damage attack that called back to DK1 a touch and did not entierly lay on the classic spider stuff, any kind of ranged, even firing stiffened hairs (like some tarantulas do when something trys to grab them) would do.

As for the level 7 ability it was ment to make them stand out in colour wise etc, like when you encounter a swarm and then theirs just that big evil looking one thats going to be a menace to kill, it was ment to be a colour change and an armour boost, but i may think about having it as an ability that increases armour protection for a short wile a bit like the old knights helmet armour buff in DK1's skeletons and barbarians.

Infact: level 7 = the armour buff, itll need it by then, then level 10 = a body slam, acting a touch like a word of power attack knocking opponents back wile dealing damage.

Blitzer was the main role, that also got succeeded to guard role at later levels so it would be useful even when bigger better monsters were about. They could probably do well at dragging in neutral creatures for conversion as well to be fair. Fits with the tarantula image of capturing its prey and dragging it off to eat.


WFTO Backer
Apr 15, 2012
Czech Republic
I like very much the behaviour in dungeon and obtainability from wild population...though dont know how hard it would be to implement into game.
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