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Dungeoneer Toolkit Scrapped?

Feb 6, 2014
Parts Unknown
I am eligible i never got the physical copy because i never specified any adress (i think) also I have been away from wfto for ages too...
Anyway im an early backer who didnt get the stuff


WFTO Backer
Dec 11, 2012
United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Can you recall what tier you backed the Kickstarter at?
As an aside, this is one of the reasons you guys are so great. Fan comes out of the woodwork years after the kickstarter, reports missing rewards, and within an couple of hours, the Managing Director comes in to help resolve it.

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Feb 6, 2014
Parts Unknown
Can you recall what tier you backed the Kickstarter at?
from steam(old mail):

Dear [redacted],

Thank you for your recent purchase on Steam.

If you’re new to Steam, install the free Steam application now:


To play your new games, just launch the Steam application on your computer and log in using your Steam account name: syntheticdawn. Your games will be available in Steam on the "Library" tab.

Any Downloadable Content (DLC) you've purchased is automatically downloaded and will be accessible from within the base game on Steam. To view your new DLC from within your Library, right-click on the base game and select "View Downloadable Content."

This email message will serve as your receipt. You can also access your Purchase History
online at any time by visiting https://store.steampowered.com/account.

War For The Overworld Underlord Edition
31.99 EUR
31.99 EUR

Payment Info:

MasterCard ending with [redacted]
31.99 EUR
Confirmation Number:
Date confirmed:
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Designer / Community Manager
Brightrock Games
Dec 8, 2012
Brighton, UK
Redacted a handful of information that could potentially be used to identify your account to Steam Support.

As Nutter quite rightly identified you purchased your copy of the game via Steam purchasing an Underlord Edition during the Early Access period.

We've never sold any physical goods via Steam and these were only sold via our Kickstarter, with a purchases receipt from Steam that would indicate you did not back the Kickstarter Edition.

As part of your Early Access support you'll have received the Heart of Gold expansion for free. :)
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