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Forum Upgraded


Designer / Community Manager
Brightrock Games
Dec 8, 2012
Brighton, UK
Hello Folks,

As you're most likely aware if you're reading this we've recently upgraded our forum's software from the very old version of Xenforo we were using to the new Xenforo 2.

This move has a number of major benefits and fixes quite a few problems which were starting to build up in how the old Xenforo worked, it should also be a bit more efficient and faster. However, we've also had to remove our old forum theme as it was no longer compatible with the latest versions. So the forum you've come to today will no doubt look quite different!

There may also be a few smaller features which you have been used to that have gone missing as outdated add-ins have been removed to ensure stability.

Although forums are increasingly less used in an age of real-time communication through social media and services like Discord. We still believe there's value in hosting a forum where discussions can be archived for all time, where conversations can be held over the course of days rather than minutes, giving everyone an opportunity to offer their thoughts and opinions. In the long term we hope to leverage the new features of Xenforo 2 to offer an even better service.

Moving forward we'll be continuing to support our forums and although it's certainly not top priority for us it will remain a core pillar of our community structure and we hope to build it into a hub for our most dedicated fans at the center of our ecosystem. We believe that our community has been a integral part of our formative years and that your input will continue to be a critical part of our games moving forwards.

We look forward to stepping into the future with you!

Lee Moon
Community Manager
Brightrock Games
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