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My girlffriend doesn’t want to have sex..


Dwarven Worker
Jan 19, 2018
we’ve been together for the last month (we’ve met on Tinder)
I have a lot of free time due to my automated affiliate marketing incomes, and she has a lot of time as well, so we’ve been able to see each other for almost every day for at least couple of hours.
She lives 3 blocks from me which is great as well.
The only problem is that she doesn’t wanna have sex.
She is claiming to be a virgin (she’s 25)
What do you think, how can I make her want to have sex asap?
She’s horney but always stops me at some point.
i don’t know what to do anymore :/
Help guys
Dec 14, 2012
Don't be so pushy about it, no point asking around as that just comes across as creepy or controlling.
If you ask her then that just puts pressure on her and is really unfair. [Performance Anxiety is a bitch]
If you like her, let it happen in time. Perhaps you're being too forward? Perhaps she's shy? Perhaps <insert 101 list of reasons why>
There are a lot of issues which could be preventing her from wanting to go all the way with you, but don't make sex with her your sole mission as that's a horrible basis for anything to get started.
Asking online is safer than asking her friends (what a ludicrous idea)

Discussing it with her would be the best option and just finding out what she thinks and how she feels, that's all you can really do.

All the best nonetheless, hopefully you two finally get your ends away.
Kinda curious to know now seeing as it has nearly been two months since this post was made ahah
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