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Question about creatures design - WFTO

Dec 18, 2018
Augre is supposed to be bile demon from DK2?
Gnarling the goblin
Cultist the warlock
Chunder the troll
Succubus the mistress
Crackpot the rogue
Vampire the Horned Reaper
Ghouls the skeletons from DK2
Necromancer the vampire from DK2
The beastmaster is the blackknight?(but isnt strong as the blackknight was in DK2)
what about the witch doctor?

Also it wouldnt be better if the Succubus had wings?and the eternal and Colossus had legs?

I really like chunder as a creature and the mixtures you can make with them in the sanctuary.

I found out that behemoth(he also looks like the horned because he is surrounded by fire and even when he walks he leaves fire behind) 1v1 with titans is the weaker but the cooler design XD

I would even prefer if the vampire was a normal creature and they were gonna replace him with a creature more devil(like horned reaper was)

These are just my opinions,wanna hear your opinions too
Thank you


Ember Demon
Apr 14, 2012
Some creatures have counterparts. Some do not. As the game is now complete, it is unlikely that any of the models will be changed, and incredibly unlikely that any creatures will be added / replaced.
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