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Reddit AMA - Ask us anything on Tuesday!


WFTO Founder
Jan 4, 2013
Missouri, USA
I don't go on reddit. I do have questions I wish I could ask there though.
1. Winter terrain. In the map editor too. When?
2. Since you guys are changing company name and mentioned working on a new game, does that mean you are doing well in sales on wfto?
3. How much future content for wtfo do you expect to put out? Will there be more expansions? I'd happily pay for more. I got Heart of Gold for free ('cause founder/kickstarter), and I've bought wfto for 3 people so far.

Maybe if someone asks these questions in the AMA and they get answered, someone can link me the answers so I can see them. Or if you guys don't mind answering me here, that's cool too. ^^
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