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Separate unit Themes from dungeon Themes

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May 18, 2017
Player customization is currently split into themes, workers and color. Workers determine what your workers look like, color determines what your color is and theme determines what your dungeon looks like. Except, some themes actually have an additional effect: how your Empire units look.

Empire theme gives you non-corrupted Empire units, Phaestus gives you the Empire units you fight against in the Heart of Gold campaign, and Arcane gives you Empire units, but Templars and Dwarves have an Arcanist-"theme" to them. I would really for this "unit theme" to be separated from what your rooms look like.

Therefore I have a list of different suggestions, ordered according to what I imagine would take the least effort from Brightrock to change:
A) Worker theme determines what units look like. WftO keeps Theme, Worker and Color as the only options under Dungeon Theme, but if I select Empire Theme and Arcane Worker, I get the Arcane units despite having the Empire rooms and Dungeon Core.

B) Separate Unit theme. For example I could select Kasita Theme, Kasita Worker and Phaestus units (this may or may not be the exact reason I want Unit theme separated from Theme).

C) More unit themes in the future. Maybe an "Evil Empire" theme where the units look like they were evil from the beginning, rather than corrupted in the Torture Chamber? Something like Juggernauts having a black and red colour scheme, rather than a dirtier and grimier version of their white and blue colour scheme.

Additionally, the first unit theme that actually affects Underlord units. Maybe something like a "Subjugated" theme that can be used for turncoats like Marcus, where the units are clad in Empire-style gear? Gnarlings in tattered templar armour and juggernaut helmet, Succubi in the dress of Arcanists, Augres covered in plate and Chunders wearing the wrappings of Matriarchs?

D) If Underlord units get separate themes, the ability to choose separate Underlord and Empire unit themes. So you might have the Subjugated theme for Underlord units, but you can still choose between Arcane or Empire for the heroes, maybe even keep the "Corrupted" look the change the implications of the theme to Victorious Underlord who has conquered the Empire and their minions wear the spoils of war.

E) A "Theme designer" menu, where you can create your own themes from the rooms and units of the pre-made Themes you have unlocked. Want Mira's walls, but Rhaskos' Dungeon Core? With the Empire's crypt? Make a new theme in the "Theme Designer", provided you have unlocked the Mira, Rhaskos and Empire Themes.

Like I said, these suggestions are intended to be ordered in increasing magnitude of effort required, so that Brightrock can themselves choose which are easy enough for them to add, and where they lose interest.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Additional ideas for Unit themes, both Empire and Underlord?
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