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Some Post 2.0 Suggestions

Aug 17, 2016
Not in any order :
1. The ability to place neutral (with the option to make those claimed either reclaimable or destructible ) moongates in the Map Editor (The Moongate Shrines are great, but placing hidden neutral moongates would be useful as well)

2. an option in the Map Editor to paint more than the max gold on some tiles.
3. the ability to hide Sacred Earth tiles under other types of blocks

3. the ability to paint gold onto more block types

4. the ability to bridge a gap on liquid and abyssal areas with brimstone/obsidian, which when destroyed, does not reveal dirt, but instead, leaves the liquid or abyssal area behind. for example, one creates a destructible wall to either bridge the area, or hide an area full of enemies, but once destroyed, the revealed path cannot be claimed, it would still be the underlying lava, water, liiguid gold, blood or abyss

5. A spell, construct or ritual to allow bridging of an abyss

6. the ability to paint visibilty on tiles even with totally black Fog of War

I also have some suggestions for maps based on Undergames features.

1. Make the destruction of Core Shards only weaken or destroy Core Doors instead of the Dungeon Core, so that the player would still need to destroy the core to win. For example, if there are three shards, and three Core Doors, perhaps the destruction of one weakens all the doors, or just one, or destroys just one door.

2. A claimed, destroyed Core Shard starts regenerating a new Shard for the claimer, creating new opportunities for new battles

Similarly, on maps with Underhills, once the hills are claimed and protected, the game is basically a matter of just sitting and waiting for the enemy core to die. What if the Underhills simply lowered the health of the core being attacked instead? If Core Doors could be used, the above suggestion could also be applied

Finally, it has been some time since Mighty Script was offered, but we still do not have the tutorials mentioned. It would also be useful if there were a library of scripts that could be applied to a map, and the option to upload/download premade scripts via the Workshop, or an option to save a script to a library from a map viewed/imported into the Map Editor
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