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Sep 14, 2016
Eastern kentucky mountains
Please forgive me if this is posted on another thread but why does the imps just pick up certain dwarfs and not others,I have tryed to put imps down on top of them and they won't even look at them and for the second part why doesn't collect the gold in the taverns I have to do this myself,don't get me wrong war for the overworld is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE GAMES.i was just wondering like a dottering old fool that I am I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!
Aug 17, 2016
As to the tavern itself, I posted a suggestion some time ago, that it would be nice to have a type of minion that works in the tavern, and keeps it stocked, and gathers up the gold paid by the other minions, especially since workers are usually otherwise occupied, and limited in number.
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