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[Underlord Creature] Gorgon (Medusa)

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Mar 19, 2014
United States of America
Name: Gorgon/Medusa
Description/Preface: The famous monster from Greek myth come to life, once a beautiful imperial maiden, now twisted into a serpentine terror by the sin of vanity.
(Due to this being one of my first posts I dont have permission to post Urls yet, if you wish search images for HOMM 3 Medusa)

Key Stats
Both a ranged unit and minor caster, the gorgon adds another female unit to the roster, they are skilled archers and can use petrifying gaze to stun any melee attackers in just enough time to reposition.
Faction: Underlord
Type: Intelligent
Role: Archer
Acquired By: Perception Shrine
Basic Attack: [ranged][damage-piercing] [power-average]
Offensive Power: moderate
Defensive Power: below moderate
Resistances: Resistant v poison, weak v frost
Movement: moderate
Work: N/A
Entertainment: Training/ guarding
Special Needs: N/A
Upgrades: Naga aspect, above level 5 it grows an extra pair of arms to hold a short sword for melee defense.

Disturbing Presence:
Gorgons are ugly, and have a low chance of causing enemy units to run away in fear (higher on imps/dwarves)

Petrifying gaze:
when a enemy gets too close the gorgon will temporarily stun one opponent and attempt to reposition (move about a tile away), if the enemy is killed by a gorgon within the stun period, the target turns to stone.

: half woman, half snake, snakes for hair
Likes: Being near other Gorgons, guarding
Dislikes: undead creatures
Behaviour: when idle, they will try to seek attention from other minons, and will often follow a minion deep into the dungeon to have their target pay attention to them (tell me I'm pretty!)
Likes: James


Frost Weaver
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Jan 19, 2013
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Then as an alternative that fits into the gorgon petrification thing, maybe she simply petrifies the corpse as opposed to turning it to stone out right, meaning it that it never rots and you'll won't have to worry about collecting it before it rots away.


Mar 19, 2014
United States of America
I was a player of AoM as well

I considered calling them Lamia as well, but the medusa name is more recognizable

For the stone thing I was thinking to make it a rather low chance affair, it would only really happen if you only sent Gorgons into a battle or you only had Gorgons left at the end of the battle. Because the ability only activates when an enemy gets right in her face and would have a decently long cool down time. I was also thinking that it wouldn't turn an enemy to stone in a 1v1, it would only be a stun and run, and by the time a gorgon would fire another arrow, the stun effect would go away, 1.5 seconds perhaps? If that is still too fast I wouldn't mind downgrading speed to slow.
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